Friday, May 3, 2013

Organizing Household Binders and a Party Basket

If you know me at all you know you know I am always studying organization and then implementing it into my life if I think it will work for me. Some things work, some things don't.
I have been wanting a very detailed home binder system for a while and have given myself actual "office hours" each week to work on this project. I decided to break every category that involves paper work into binders.

This week I made labels and got the binders together. I am working on adding printables for the info we need to keep. Let me just say that opposed to having to pull a file to see when a car last had brakes done, I loved just pulling the file and flipping to that car to see the repair work we had done. It is time consuming to get it all together but I think I have finally found a system that works for my UNORGANIZED brain. 

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Here is another tip all my own. We have a lot of birthdays, parties, gatherings here and I like to pick things up over the weeks proceeding and keeping it together for party organization. Instead of having those items tucked here and there I now have what I call the "party basket."  This measures about 12x14 inches and I keep it in the service porch.

party basket, party supplies

We are having a Sundae bar for my daughter's birthday this weekend so as I have picked up toppings, candles, whatever, I drop it in the basket that I keep in the service porch/pantry. The day of the party I just pull the basket out.

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  1. I need to be more organized. Love your system. Hugs, Marty

  2. I did something similar with all my genealogy stuff by making family binders. we have a basket too we pull out for our Mem Day is all there!

  3. We have a binder of all our incoming and out going money and bills.Thanks to my husband. As for other organizing skills I have none. I even tried using a menu for shopping and meals. Got the shopping done. But have made nothing from the menu.It was a two week menu. I am on day 16.

  4. Organisation is something I struggle with...these are great ideas Elaine, especially the party basket :)


  5. This is the first time I saw your new blog banner-- very nice! Like the colors!

  6. I wish you were my neighbor and could organize me! I need lessons, and that basket is genius. I always find myself digging through drawers and cabinets, looking for the candles or lighter or napkins or ribbons or tape because someone has not put them back. And that someone is just as likely to be me as someone else. That cute, colorful basket is a great idea, and I want to borrow it. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm a participant in Claudia's blog party and want to wish you a wonderful weekend.



  7. Here are a couple of ideas I use that might give you an idea. I use a 12 slot accordion folder for each months receipts. After taxes are done I keep what I need and shred the rest. Really came in handy when selling a house when I could put all the utility bills on the table ;). I use your party basket idea two ways. I keep all the 'stuff' for our pontoon boat in one - t.p., sunscreen, magazines, beach towels, silverware, etc. I keep my holiday baking supplies in one with the recipes tucked in too. I don't normally keep coconut, baking chips, maraschinos, etc on hand plus the parchment paper, baking spray, etc is right there. No scramble to get ready when I have a free hour during that busy season. Then I have 2 more things that I do that I'm proud of. I keep an ongoing grocery list on the fridge and snap a pic with my cell phone before I go to bed and I always make sure my hangers face the same direction.

  8. I have a party basket too - perfect for those unexpected guests! And I need more organization in my life!

  9. That's the kind of thing I should do, Elaine, but I'm too unorganized to organize it all, if you know what I mean!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  10. I use a similar idea for stashing gifts for upcoming holidays. Since I pretty much shop year round for Christmas (and shop ahead for birthdays), it helps to have a single place to put all the advance goodies. And when December rolls around, I can check my 'gift garden' box to figure out who else still needs a shopping trip.