Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden in Early June

The garden is really taking off. Our weather has been cooler than I think tomatoes like because I hardly have any so far. This is very unusual for me. Maybe something else is going on not sure. Lots of blossoms but not many maters set yet.

My husband took this little chicken that broke off of a pate knife and stuck it on some rusty metal.
Those are pumpkin vines going like mad. They love my composted chicken manure.

In this planter I have a couple tomato plants and pumpkins winding through the flowers. I just plant it full and let it all grow like mad. I love the fullness. In fall I just rip it all out down to the perennials. This is how I extend my gardening space.

I really need to get in the garden and take out the last of the kale and Swiss chard. I will plant new chard soon. Some ladies were walking by and commented on the kale and how they love it in their soup. I cut them a bunch to take home. People always like to see what I have growing. I am noticing more veggies gardens popping up in front yards.

My celery is going to seed. I am slowly pulling it out. I planted the little potted mums last fall that I bought to tuck in my fall porch. They are about to explode with blooms. Green beans and peppers are starting to take off and I am picking yellow squash but somehow managed to not get a zucchini in. I will buy a plant from the nursery this week.

Here is the first of the pumpkins forming. I planted some of the blue cinderellas this year. I sure hope I get a few. Not sure what variety this is. We will find out. So how is your garden doing so far. I really want some tomatoes soon. I may put some in a few big pots I have to start a few more plants.


  1. Everything looks so amazing! Wish we had started some pumpkins earlier. We have watermelon and cantaloupe vines running through the garden like mad but no signs of fruit yet. Our tomatoes are going like gang busters. We are getting about 6 - 8 large ripe tomatoes a day and around 20 grape tomatoes a day. Not sure what we are going to do with all of these yet. Need to give a bunch away. It's soooo hot here, 110 degrees today, a little worried how our tomato plants are going to hold up in this heat. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. I love your gardening posts :) I have always heard to pinch back the mums now if you want fall blooms. I have a mum starting to bloom and I did that last year but do you get two seasons ( early summer and fall ) if you let it bloom now and then cut back??)

  3. Your garden looks wonderful -- I always love to see pictures of other people's plants!

    We're just past our last frost date here in Michigan and have finally planted all the hot weather plants. It will be down to 40 tonight, so I think my tomatoes will be unhappy...

  4. What a glorious garden and how lovely to share with passers by like that. I adore pumpkins and squashes. Look forward to seeing how your cinderellas turn out.

  5. How wonderful Elaine! I love pumpkins. You'll be so glad you incorporated those.

  6. Wow! Your garden is gorgeous! My pumkins arent even in the ground yet and you have such pretty babies already! I have garden envy! I must admit I've been planting seedlings all day......I'll get it done. Eventually. *sigh*


  7. Looks wonderful! I love how you used your front yard :)

  8. I love how your garden around your yard has flowers and veggies. I'm trying to do a bit more of that. The little "chicken on a stick" is cute that your hubby made. I like a little whimsy in the garden too.

    I just bought some plants this weekend. One was a Hydrangea I hope it grows well for me. I also bought two plants that I don't know what they're called. :O Neither did the lady that sold them to me. She sells plants out of her yard and lives down by the is full of flowers!
    We also bought a Black Berry bush (thorn less). I'd still like to get some squash and melons in the ground before it gets too hot here.
    We've got green beans and peas coming on the vine and the cukes are starting to bloom and so are my tomatoes! :)

    Love seeing your garden.

  9. Your garden looks like it's flourishing! I don't have a garden.:(
    But I DO have a "lettuce bowl" growing lettuce for salad. It grows as fast as I pick leaves for salads! They're delicious!

  10. Your garden looks great! My tomatoes are tall, full and lots of blooms, but only a few tomatoes. None ripe yet!!! See you Tuesday.
    xo Kris

  11. Lovely small garden :) I also have a small one, but try to grow as many things as I can, though not always successfully. Even we didn't get tomatoes this year - only 2 tiny are hanging, but not ripening.
    All the best with pumpkins! It looks like it will be nice :)

  12. Nice garden - cute chicken. As I was reading your post I noticed with every picture I kept thinking "I've got to get busy and do some more weeding..." Silly, I know, to think that weeding is a one time thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Love seeing your garden. Chicken manure does wonders, doesn't it? We are having cool temps right now, so things will slow down here for awhile. But I'm sure it will warm up again soon.

  14. My healthy looking tomato plants haven't set fruit yet either. I wonder if it's because of the early high temps we had?

  15. Great idea to mingle the tomatoes with the perennials. I love your nasturiums too.