Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Hot You Could Fry an Egg

It is extremely hot here. Today is supposed to be the worst. I already gave the garden an extra soaking to try and help it through. Tomorrow hopefully it breaks. At least that is what the weather folks say.

These days the only bird in the coop is a scrub jay that loves the new feeder I bought at Walmart.

He has premium seed and nuts and dried fruit in there. I enjoy watching him out there. The sounds the jays make always remind me of the mountains.

I think I showed you the plantings in the coop. These are about 10 days older now and really coming along thanks to all the chicken dookie that was mixed in the soil.

Just wanted to show you my two big girls. Kris sent me this photo she snapped of them. I love that she sends us updates. They are thoroughly enjoying her extensive property. It is so good to know they went to a wonderful home. I am hoping Q and I can visit them after the Fourth.


  1. I'm still so sad for you. I'm so glad that you get updates and can visit them. I hope the heat here will break soon but I think it will be after August...:(....Alabama summer..yuck!

  2. Stay cool dear friend, and your chicken girls are very pretty sporting their black and white colors.

  3. I am so sad for you, that coop would break my heart.
    Such lovely girls, I'm glad you have found them another lovely home.

    Hugs xxxx

  4. I feel sorry for you and your family. You have the kindest attitude about the situation, though....


  5. It's super hot here too. Ugh! Stay cool!

    The chickens are so pretty. They look very happy in their new home. How nice to get updates and know they are doing well. :-)

  6. Hi Elaine,
    Yes, it is miserable out there! I was out very early watering the garden and doing my chores.
    The chickens are all fine. You and Q are welcome anytime!!!!
    xo Kris

  7. Dear girl, it is with a sense of sadness that I see that empty chicken coop, knowing what it meant to you and your family. I know it does bring comfort to you knowing Kris was the perfect person to give them a good home. I also know I would keep it as a reminder of happier days. I know as crafty as you are that you will use it to embellish your back yard with all kinds of pretty things. It is kinda a focal back drop anyways. I wish I had one too. I am thinking maybe dressing it up with some ceramic chickens/hens, they would look good in there, maybe some straw for them to nest in? That way it wouldn't look so empty. Your heat wave is a scorcher. We too in Ohio have been having heat and daily thunderstorms. The corn is over my head. It seems to have grown 2 feet in just a week. So much for the old saying "corn knee high by the 4th of July". We have had a wet June and along with all that rain comes the humidity. Take care and have a safe and happy 4th.
    As always, Susanne ♥

  8. It still breaks my heart that you had to let your sweet chickens go to another home. :-( Hope the heat you're having subsides a bit!

  9. Our temps are in the 70's. Perfect weather to me. I hate even the 80's. Sounds like your chickens have a great home, I know Kris will be good to them.

  10. I hope the heat breaks for all states involved. Thankfully no power outages. Your hubby must be busy at his job. I still feel upset that you had to give away your chickens. :( xo

  11. I hope you get heat relief! It's awful !

    It will be sweet if you can visit your girls : )

    Bluejays : I remember at my old place years ago..I'd throw out peanuts and as soon as one jay saw that he'd call to all of them and soon they'd all arrive, grab the nuts and take off!

  12. We're having a cool front here this week. Today it has been windy out of the North and a cool 97° ...I'm told by my weatherman (T.H.) that it's going to be this way all week...with over night lows in the mid to upper 60's!!! I'm thrilled about it.
    Your little chicken run makes me sad. I'm glad you're able to plant some things in there.
    Glad to see pictures of your girls...and that they went to a good home.
    I hope Q gets to see them this week too.

    We're going this evening to get some guineas. I'm excited about it.

  13. It must put a lump in your throat everytime you look at those coops, Elaine. I hope it gets easier. I am so glad that you have some pictures o them and it must give you joy- xo Diana

  14. Have you thought about passing on your coop and planting there? Or are you hoping to try chickens again, maybe after the neighbor is gone? Maybe he'l move, die or go deaf :)