Thursday, September 5, 2013

Farm Fresh Eggs and a Few Egg Recipes

Earlier in the summer, my friend Kris from Simplify came for a visit with some other friends. She is the adoptive mom to my chickens. They live blissfully now on her acreage lovin' the rural life.
Well, Miss Kris gifted me with some of those eggs and didn't she package them up so cute. The carton said "Grover's Grove" on it cause that is what they call their spread. I adored it.

charming egg carton with ribbon, fresh eggs

Inside were brown and blue eggs from some of my girls and they were just like jewels. Don't you know I savored and treasured those eggs. Only using them in special breakfast dishes and where I knew those rich yolks would be appreciated. Below were the last few. I put them in my heart bowl cause well, I loved them so much. They are gone now but I miss gathering the jewels from the backyard.

I had hopes of maybe bringing some bantams home as they are smaller and said to be more quiet but there is a kink in that plan right now and we have discovered a huge dog sized raccoon visiting the yard. Our neighbor feeds their cat outside so it comes for its treat at night and then forages in my garden. I am not happy. We don't live in the country so outside of  trapping and rehoming, I hope he leaves, but as long as my neighbors leave food out, that is unlikely. Anyway, raccoons love to kill chickens and I don't want that to happen after all we have been through. Maybe waiting is best. We'll see.

colorful eggs, egg dish towel, egg recipes

Now for a couple of my favorite ways to cook up eggs:
Egg Sausage Bake
Chili Egg Casserole

And a peek. I miss these girls so much.

barred rock chicken, backyard chickens


  1. How creative she was with the egg packaging! And how sweet to give you some eggs from your chickens. Does she live far? It's too bad you couldn't have "boarded" your chickens there and then you could visit and get the eggs too while paying her for feed and care. I know....not the same. It's just so sad as you so loved them and they were such a big part of your life. Thanks for sharing the know I always love yours!

  2. Oh gosh Elaine....I read this with a lump in my throat. I know how much you miss your girls!! I hope it brings you some comfort to know that they are adjusted and happily scratching around with the rest of the flock. I am glad you enjoyed the eggs. I know you miss the girls, and their healthy gifts too.

  3. Praying that you can get chickens again soon. The predator thing is scary... We have talked about chickens too but I've heard two of our neighbors say that coyotes and snakes get them easily. Grrr.

    They would be my pets too and I couldn't take that.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  4. They are beautiful! I love how they were packaged! So sweet! Stopping by from the inspiration hop! Have a wonderful day! New follower:)

  5. *Sigh* I hate that you can't have your sweet hens in the yard. I love the fresh eggs we have gotten in the past and I'm getting fresh chicks next spring, just did not get around to it this year. Do you know someone with a live trap that can relocate the raccoon? They can be so destructive, and the adults are dangerous to pets.

  6. I know you miss those sweet chickens! I love the packaging. Hope you are having a great week- xo Diana

  7. Ah. That was so sweet for her to gift you some eggs. I know they were golden (yolks) and delicious.
    Too bad about the raccoon. Guess it's best there are no chickens in your yard right now. Those raccoon can be little rascals!
    I know you miss 'em! Pat

  8. I hope you get to have your chickens back real soon!

  9. I glad you found a good home for your chickens Elaine. Maybe you can get a few back real soon. I have had a raccoon in our yard too. I am not fond of those creatures!