Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkins, Halloween Decor and the Garden

Sharing photos snapped from my phone over the last week:

Pumpkins I grew in the garden. So by purpose and others from pumpkins I threw in the compost last year. Who knew seeds wouldn't compost.

fall pumpkins and gourds

fabric pumpkins, prim pumpkins

prim Halloween decor

A vintage pumpkin candle found at a thrift store. Reminds me of those when I was a kid.

vintage Halloween candle

Halloween decor in Q's little reading area. A nod to the little trick or treaters.

trick or treaters decor

We decorate even the patio for Halloween with lights and jack o lanterns.

Some fall flowers and leaves on the patio out back.

fall patio, fall leaves, fall flowers

A vintage Halloween witch that hung in my hubby's house as a boy.

vintage Halloween witch

This is a busy week for our house: homecoming game, homecoming dance preparations, and two Halloween parties for hubby and I Saturday night. I am the queen of cheap costumes. I don't spend much on clothes so I sure am not going to spend much on a costume. I will share a pic on Monday of our costumes.


  1. I love your vintage looking witch! The pretty pumpkins are unique (the colors).

    I haven't done much Halloween decor this year, but I am doing something BIG in the dining room. I just haven't finished it yet!


  2. So much to like about these pictures. Love the reading corner and that witch is adorable. Love Halloween.

  3. You really treated us today with all your pumpkins. I seldom decorate for any occasion anymore.

  4. I love the squash and pumpkins you grew! Lucky you that they didn't compost:>) Your yard is so beautiful, and I really love how the crocks full of old rolling pins look:>)

  5. I'm impressed by the pumpkins you grew. They're really nice! And, so many! I love all your Halloween decorations. Your house looks very festive and fun. Enjoy the parties!

  6. You had quite a crop of pumpkins! Love all of your decorations. Be sure and show us your costumes!


  7. Oh wow, so many pumpkins. Amazing. Hugs, Marty

  8. Love all your decorations...when can I move in? LOL! It's so cute!

  9. Pumkins are the greatest!! they put you in the mood and there is so much you can do with them!! As well as eat them :-}}

  10. I bet Dean is in his element, decorating for Halloween.

  11. Have fun!!! Love your hugs childhood paper with!!

  12. love those pumpkins!!! Im glad Im not the only one who decorates the patio lolol

  13. Great pictures- It is looking like Fall and Halloween at your house. Hope the rest of the week is a good one-even if it is busy- xo Diana

  14. Love your pictures. The house looks great.