Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ho ho ho

Like Santa here I have been a busy elf. The usual shopping and wrapping. General merry making. The baking has begun with two types of fudge and lots of cookies. We have parties on the 22nd, 24th and our own we are hosting on New Year's Eve.

Anyone have a great appetizer for New Years? Trying to come up with lots of goodies for a big crowd. Now if I could just find something to wear. 


  1. I won't start the baking until Sunday - if I bake now, I will eat too much.

    For New Year's we do a progressive dinner on our street and the entire neighborhood participates. It keeps us all off the roads.

  2. I have a couple of good ones --
    this sundried tomato roll: http://opulentcottage.typepad.com/opulentcottage/2008/12/sundried-tomato-heaven.html
    and these Chicken Pesto Puffs: http://opulentcottage.typepad.com/opulentcottage/2012/12/pesto-chicken-puffs-appetizer.html
    There's never a single bite left of either one and they are both pretty inexpensive to make! I always buys the crescents and cream cheese at Aldi, i think they are both 89 cents right now. Oh and deviled eggs too: http://opulentcottage.typepad.com/opulentcottage/2010/03/southwestern-deviled-eggs.html
    Can you tell I might have hosted a few parties?!! haha Have fun! If I think of anything else I'll email you :) xoxoxo

  3. What a busy time of year! Enjoy it all. I love Christmas parties!

  4. Our favorite appetizer is brie and either fresh fruit or a yummy jam on top. There are so many things you can add to it and then little slices of bread or crackers. Super easy and really good! Have a great time baking and partying:>)

  5. Baking is beginning here too. I'm so excited. We're cleaning floors really well right now, so our kitchen will be nice and tidy for baking. Hope all your parties are merry and bright!! :)

  6. Cute little Santa display. I am not a party person... to go or to host...you're young though. My idea of a good time is going to bed early and watching a Christmas movie and doing some needlework. LOL!

  7. Lots of parties for you this season! How fun!! The hit around my house is stuffed mushrooms. They can be made up the day ahead and froze. Just pop in the oven when you need them. Good luck!

  8. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je vous souhaite un merveilleux
    et que ces quelques jours d'hiver soient des temps heureux !

    Gros bisous à vous ♥

  9. I have some appetizers you might like. I'll email you some links!

    Your dining room is so festive, BTW….

    I'm almost done, but I'm trying my hand at canning a persimmon/apple butter tomorrow for the adults in our lives….Please pray that I won't kill anyone!

  10. Somebody brought these to Thanksgiving @ our family gathering...
    little smokies-bacon-and brown sugar. I PROMISE you cannot eat JUST ONE!

    it's all over Pinterest I grabbed this link...


    - Merry Christmas

  11. Hahahaha!

    I just saw the title to the actual link...that is funny... they are addictive. :)

  12. You've been busy! If you are looking for an easy main dish recipe for a New Year's buffet, I recently posted (Dec. 1st)our favorite chili recipe...easy (crock pot), healthy, delicious, and serves a lot of people. Great on a cold night. We'll be the hosts on Christmas afternoon so I'm following your comments for appetizer ideas I can steal!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. My shrimp canapes are delicious. Everyone always asks for the recipe. You can make them ahead and freeze them and just pull them out of the bag the night of the party, put them on a cookie sheet frozen and broil for 5 minutes.