Monday, February 17, 2014

Farmhouse Love, Succulent Container Gardens

A weekend along our favorite spot on the coast. Town was crowded seeing that it was a holiday and I just have a harder and harder time tolerating crowds so we headed for a drive down our favorite country road to a little farm store we like to visit.

I love this old white farmhouse. I could live out my days in a place like this.

We did spend some time on the beach. Always a favorite with our youngest.

But the farm was mine. They had these baby bunnies for sale and I would have loved to have bought one but my hubby just gave me the look. And then he said I will drive right out of here if you even think a bunny is coming home so I didn't even ask. BUT, the kids were so sweet and let us hold a bunch of them.

I just prefer the company of animals the older I get. What does that say about me?

Now on our way home we stopped at a favorite nursery of mine. They plant succulent container gardens that are so unusual and fun.
I did bring me home one of these chickies.

The use of Scotch moss is so attractive but I never have much luck keeping it alive here.

Well there is just a sampling. J. Woeste is the name of the nursery. I could spend hours looking at their succulent containers.

Make sure to check out my posts on how to grow succulents and other succulent ideas.


  1. Fun stuff! Are you home? I hope you can come to lunch with us tomorrow!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Did I remember correctly - were you in Cayucos?

  3. What a nice little trip! You did some fun things. I love those little Westie garden statues. So sweet.

    After the snowpocalypse and three snow days yesterday, Shelley now has winter break for an entire week. So much for school! :/

    How's the drought in your area?


  4. Love those succulent pots, how creative are they. Sounds like a fun outing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. Sun, succulents, a farmhouse surrounded by green grass and a beach. YAY from the Northeast's all a sight for sore eyes, lol! :)

  6. I have a few succulents, but didn't know what to do with them.
    Thank you for sharing these neat ideas!

  7. Hi There - I stopped by your other blog linking up with the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine's Corner but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment ;o) so I came over here! This is a great post, makes me think about springtime and getting my garden started. With all this snow lately, we are really ready for spring! Hope to catch up with you again this week at the Thursday blog hop ;o) Nina @ mamas*little*treasures

  8. Everything looks so beautiful and green there. I love that farmhouse too, I think farmhouses have always been and always will be my dream house. My mom grew hen and chicks when I was little, I never cared for them then, but I have really grown to love succulents. I love the ideas for succulent gardens you show here!

  9. Love the chicks - the animal variety, the plant variety, and the ceramic variety! Succulents are wonderful plants because they seem to take very little fuss. And they're so interesting!

  10. I've never had luck with that moss either. You're beginning to sound like me. I think we just change with time.

  11. I'd love to plop myself down on that beach for the day.

    My kids had bunnies when they were small. The bunnies were so sweet, but they also were a lot of work. Plus we had to keep them inside the house. Messy.

  12. A little white cottage by the sea. Yes, I could see me living somewhere like that too. Very Ladies in Lavender.
    I liked the container garden with the little house especially. xx

  13. I'm right there with ya on preferring kids and animals! That farmhouse is gorgeous! Looks like a lovely time. I hope you'll come over and share this on The Maple Hill Hop.

  14. What a nice trip! The beach looks fabulous to me! I'm not used to seeing a rugged, mountain sided beach like you have on the Pacific. The farm looks beautiful too, and how I love baby animals! I can see why you wanted to bring home one of those fuzzy bunnies:)

  15. WOW!! love those neat little mini gardens!! So much you can do with them!!

  16. Just discovered your blog & have loved browsing it.

    My mother-in-law says that people who like dogs are just nicer than people who don't. In general I've found that to be true so wanting to spend more time with animals must mean your becoming a nicer person!