Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Savings Challenge Link Party

Welcome to the February Savings Challenge. Are you ready to save some money? I am. We just got our taxes in to our accountant so now that that is done I feel like I can focus more on some other items.

For February here are our plans to save money:

1. Cancelling our satellite T.V. (we will use Netflix and possibly Hulu)
     We already have Netflix but this will save us almost a hundred dollars a month.

2. Prepare our trailer for sale. We have gone back and forth but it is time. We do not use the trailer       enough to justify keeping it. This will save us on tax and insurance payments for the year.

3. Eat more meals in. Hubby and I will still enjoy a few date nights a month as we feel that is just        money well spent but I will make sure I have some super fast dinners I can throw together and        avoid picking up food. Our bodies will thank us too.

4. I planted an apple tree I bought for $13. I am looking forward to the homegrown fruit we will get      from this one initial investment.

Okay, so what do you have planned for the month? Share and link up any new or old money saving posts you think we can all benefit from. Happy Saving!!

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  1. You can save a LOT of money using TurboTax and do it yourself. It's easy! Much cheaper than using an accountant. Files electronically for you, and fast...

  2. I am not spending any money this month except utilities, groceries, and toiletries (if needed). I'm just going to have to stay out of book stores and not put myself in a difficult situation!

    I remember you did this a while back. I went ahead and bought a few Valentine's goodies in January before snowmegeddon hit.


  3. We also dropped cable TV a year ago and it has saved us $1000 a year! We went with Netflix as well as Amazon Prime for $80 a year. PBS Kids online has all the kids shows we watch (can't live without Curious George!). And a side note... if you have high speed internet through a cable line (even if you don't have cable tv), the internet company is required to give you the basic cable tv channels. Just keep your cable line connected directly to the tv. We get HD basic channels without any cable subscription, only internet.
    Thanks for a great blog hop- we love saving $!
    Katie @ Katie's Farm