Monday, February 10, 2014

On Love and Marriage and Valentine's Day

It is Valentine's week and really we have never done much in the way of romantic ventures to celebrate the holiday. Oh, don't get me wrong we celebrate it, but with the kids usually. The thought of going out on one of the busiest days of the year would give hubby and I a stroke. We hate crowds. Often we head out of town to the central coast but there are usually some or one kid with us but that's fine.

What I love is having my husband home and in the house and just being here with us. He works a lot so I appreciate his need to be home. A romantic night is curling up with the latest Sturbridge Yankee catalog and deciding what we would order if we suddenly were rich. Life is basic around here. I really just love being a family. When things are good with the kids then things are usually good with us. Our focus has always been centered right within these walls.

Now don't get me wrong. Love a little time away or even a trip to the hardware store with my man, but we are usually found at home keeping things going around here. I think it helps if your goals are similar and your home is your center. I think it's pretty hot when the house is clean and we can head out to the garden and play in the dirt. That's sexy to me. A little dirt under the fingernails. But heck I am not above stealing a little kiss from my man behind the tree out back.

So even though we aren't fancy about our Valentine's celebration, I do always look forward to a little something he brings home to me that day. Hey, I ain't gonna lie. I have never turned down an offer of flowers EVER?

So what are your plans for the day of LOVE? Do you do it up big or do you maybe just ignore the day all together? I'd love to know.


  1. For us, it's mostly like any other day. I think I get tired of all the hype that precedes any holiday. But a low-key celebration is nice. Dinner at home and a good movie, maybe. :-)

  2. When Brian and I got married I told him that I don't care to celebrate Valentines Day. I would much rather receive flowers for no reason at all. I don't want to share a "special day" with everyone else. He's a great couch cuddler and that's probably how we will spend our evening. Also, I'm with you, I would much rather be home with him than be in a busy restaurant. I'm not one for crowds either.

  3. My husband proposed to me on Valentine's evening 1991 after serving me dinner in his home. It was such a perfect setting, we've done the same thing every Valentine's Day since. I've already bought the steaks for Friday night.

    Wanted to let you know that I've quit blogging, but as you can see, I'll still be around to follow your blog.


  4. Valentine day is not big here it's mainly for young couples with no children, when to kids arrive they always come first.

  5. Our Valentine's Days are pretty much as you describe. My husband almost always gives me flowers, but we don't go out for dinner that night. I still make up Valentines for my kids - they will always love candy!

  6. Drew's girlfriend asked us the other night what, if anything, were we doing for Valentine's Day? I said, that we pretty much both would love to stay home, have a nice fire going, and watch the Olympics or a movie. That is perfect for both of us. I am with you....we centered our lives around home and the kids. Every day, I am reminded how much he loves me. And I hope he is also reminded daily, by the little things I like to do for him.
    xo Kris

  7. We are going out to dinner, but very early. Afterwards we're playing cards with friends.

  8. We are a lot like you. We like to stay home. Maybe cook a meal together ~ you know, something different. Then we sit in front of the fire and enjoy a glass of wine and just chat ~ beautiful

  9. Us too. We are making dinner at home.

    You two are so cute together.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  10. Just about the same as everyone else, no more kids at home but had the crowds so we think we might just have lunch out together :) If that doesn't work then just home with a movie :) Being together is what counts <3 Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day to you Elaine and your hubby :)

  11. We just stay in, too. Guess we're old married couples! Though hubby got the day off work on Friday and we're heading out of town to visit our son...we'll spend the day with him, helping him do his taxes (woo-hoo, I know), taking him grocery shopping (more excitement - but he doesn't have a car right now - he just walks back and forth to school), and then we'll all go out to dinner somewhere casual.

  12. I will probably cook something special and we will go out to eat one night...but NOT on I'm like you...we've been married a very long time and it may be something as simple as him saying to me "you are my rock" that makes my Valentine's Day....sigh....

  13. ... we don't do Valentines Day. If we did it would be a movie and Pizza... thats how we celebrate most occasions... sometimes even two movies... Hubby and I are stay at home people most of the time....
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xxx

  14. We hate the crowds so we usually cook something a little fancy and light some candles and eat in. This year none of the kids will be home so I can make it special just for us. Other than that, cards, flowers, a little gift and that's it. We love being home together and we don't save romance for Valentines day:>)

  15. Honest to goodness...every day is Valentine's Day with my husband. I just love being with him - no matter what we are doing. We don't go out to eat on Valentine's Day either (we are crazy, but we aren't crazy enough to take on the crowds - we also do not like crowded areas). We exchange cards and sometimes love tokens (pot plants - don't bring me flowers in a vase - pretty, but wasteful when in a few days you are going to just chunk them in the compost bin, or trash). Give me something I can transplant into the yard! :)
    This year, I got him a small container of succulents - our poor aloe vera plant almost died when freeze got it - had to give the poor dear a haircut. I also got him a couple of bottles of his favorite wines...
    This year, we are babysitting our little granddaughters while their Mommy and Daddy go out - way fun!! :)