Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Simple Life

My life is very simple. Plain not fancy. Up early, go to bed early, same kinda routine most days kind of life but I like it that way. A treat to me is dinner out and a really big day is a trip to the nursery.

This week I had both so I am living the good life right?
My garden is coming to life and Q and planted some annuals. I was holding off but all the rain from last week just made things come alive and I felt that urge to tuck in some color. So I did.
spring garden - #cottage garden

angel in garden, #cottagegarden

I have been cooking up a storm and last Sunday I baked the best banana cake with cream cheese frosting. I must not do this again soon cause I think I ate like four pieces this week.

Baking banana cake #bananacake #baking

I had a birthday celebration this week. My honey is getting me a treadmill. I have been wanting one for years and this year is the year. But he did get some sunflowers. They are the happy flower don't you think?

Sunflowers in a rooster jug #sunflowers

Today at Sam's I had to buy a gardening mag. I just felt like it was still my birthday so why not. I adore this front yard garden. No lawn just gorgeousness all around. Tonight when I tuck in I shall read it front to back. I always bring home a magazine and go through it and then later I sit down and read all the articles. I cannot get enough of gardening magazines.

Have a good weekend. We are staying in for the most part and I am taxi mom for a jazz band competition one of my high schooler is in. In the morning I am making a big batch of homemade pancake mix. I am trying to get away from some of the packaged foods and make my own mixes. Plus, I have my cute open shelved pantry that I have been filling with staples.


  1. Your flowers are so pretty. Loving the green that is coming back in my yard too.

  2. Happy birthday!! I'm excited that you're getting a treadmill. Am I one of only a handful of people who would be excited by a treadmill gift? LOL!

  3. Happy belated birthday Elaine! I think a simple life is the best. A truly happy person is usually the one who can be happy with the simple things in life. Your garden has me dreaming of Spring and I'm already planning my gardens outside. Your yard is so pretty, the rain really greened it up!

  4. Happy birthday Elaine!! I always love seeing your pretty garden. Seems like our crazy weather is coming to an end so I'm hoping to get some petunias soon too. And can I tell you how much you will love having a treadmill? We got one last fall and it's just great to be able to hop on and get a few minutes of exercise. Have a good weekend! xoxoxo, Andrea

  5. Glad you had a great birthday and the flowers are beautiful.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  6. Happy Birthday, my friend! I say a birthday should be celebrated for a full week. We are much alike in the simple life. A gardening magazine is real treat and I look at them over and over and over. You are one lucky girl to have that garden already alive and thriving!

  7. Nice garden mag shot, but anything edible there?

  8. Happy belated birthday...I just found your blog and love it..., I think we can be sisters, lol I too live and love the simple life... Early to bed early to rise, enjoy simple things as a night out to dinner is a great for us to sit and watch a movie is our special time, my hubby stopping along the roadside to pick wild flowers for me is the best gift if all....we dont live by fancy gadgets or material items.. Knock on wood our vehicles are older mine is 7 and his truck is 15, I have a flip phone he has a pay as you go phone both for emergencies, our excitement is to go on wild berry hunts,chopping wood for the winter working in our veggie garden, me in my flower gardens, we are not ones to keep up with the Jones and dont have any intentions to.... I buy most all of my clothing at thrift stores ( no undergarments), I shop discount stores for all our other needs.. To me this is the best life and would not have it any other way....sorry for sucha long post limiter carried away sometimes.... Have a wonderful weekend..


  9. You ramped up my excitement about my deck garden about 200% with these pictures! Waiting for warm temps (and no more snow!) to get planting.


  10. I want flowers and grass and trees with leaves! We are still under a lot of snow and more coming in on Thursday! I am making banana bread today I got a new to me cooks illustrated cook book.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!

  11. That is a good kind of busy!!! Glad you had a nice birthday celebration..and a treadmill? Oh boy! Where will you put it?
    Love the flowers! I have not made a trip to the nursery yet. But I am eager to. Still working on my flower beds. Always so much to do!
    XO Kris

  12. Happy Birthday.
    I can not wait to get in the garden.

  13. Happy Birthday. You will love your treadmill! MIne is in my bedroom, haha :) I walk while my hubby watches tv :) Your garden is looking so pretty. Haven't we been blessed with a wonderfully mild winter this year?

  14. Your open shelved pantry is the very cutest! You've had a great week. Happy Belated Birthday! The sunflowers are lovely, and you will love the treadmill. What a great present!


  15. I {at last} got to check in on my favorite blogs this week. It was fun catching up on your adventures.