Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pre-Holiday Room by Room Cleaning Plan - The Dining Room

Okay, onto the dining room in my pre-holiday room by room cleaning plan. I am a bit behind with the start of school and a camping trip but I am going to try and quickly clean through the rest of the house making that a priority. Today is the dining room.

Holiday Cleaning Plan For The Dining Room:
  1. Dust all crown molding and use swiffer duster to swipe walls of any cobwebs
  2. Clean tops of high furniture 
  3. Wipe tops of door jams
  4. Dust and wipe down all hanging decor 
  5. Remove plates from walls and wash
  6. Dust hanging light fixture and clean bulbs
  7. Wipe down all door and doorways of grime and fingerprints
  8. Go around room cleaning marks on paint or touch up with fresh paint
  9. Remove all nick knacks and dust and clean each piece of furniture as I do this
  10. Tuck away summer decor for next year
  11. Wipe down dining room chairs ( if you have upholstery then clean as needed)
  12. Dust dining room table and legs
  13. Clean wood floor of dining room (I have no rugs in here)
  14. *If you have rugs then vacuum and flip over area rugs to vacuum other side

  I do have a china cabinet in here. I will not be taking everything out and cleaning inside because I do this once a year in spring and it seems to stay dust free fairly well.

Having a holiday grand plan will relieve stress and keep you on track to an organized Christmas.


  1. I finally sat down and made myself a yearly cleaning schedule. I feel so much more on top of things. I'm kind of a freak when it comes to making lists. I think you just might be too.

  2. I'm glad my house is smaller than yours! I don't do that much holiday stuff, we keep it very simple...