Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Favorite Dishes

Oh boy, I think this year we had the best Thanksgiving dinner we have yet to cook.
One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes was our turkey. Hands down the best turkey we have yet to prepare. Because we were only cooking for our little family we decided to grill the turkey and we did some legs and a turkey breast. First we brined the turkey in the recipe I shared yesterday. Today, the hubby grilled it on the barbecue. It was the most moist, smokey flavored,  delicious thing ever!

We always have a couple light snacks for lunch so we have plenty of room for dinner. This year my daughter made the cutest fresh veggie platter in the shape of a turkey.

Pies were made. For hubby, a raspberry apple and for us girls a chocolate fudge pie. I will be sharing the recipe this week. It is super simple but so yummy.

Oh, and my absolute favorite dish was soul sweet potatoes from Pioneer Woman. It is really more of a dessert but it is the best thing EVER!


  1. That turkey looks delicious and love the turkey veggie tray is adorable.



  2. ..Elaine, I love the pies you had .. I just might try the sweet potato one... and the turkey looks delicious...
    You've given me some great ideas for my Mum's 98th birthday in January... Thank you...
    Hugs and Blessings... Barb xx

  3. That all sounds SO good! Love the turkey eggie tray! And the Pioneer Woman recipe sounds yum!!!!
    We had a nice day and meal too!!
    XO K