Monday, December 15, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Some friends hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party this past weekend. Now I don't buy that many new clothes so I thought why waste money on an ugly sweater so I found this sort of gaudy Snoopy sweater and added some dollar tree embellishments. Figured, hey, I like Snoopy so I can maybe wear this again. It was fun and lots of folks had sweaters with Christmas lights.

Here we are heading out the door. Frankly I have to admit, I used to love all those sweaters, now considered ugly, with the knit embellishments and Christmas decor. Yep, I had me a few of those.

 The hostess had a daughter who is a pastry chef so her cookies were of course perfection. Ugly sweater cut out cookies. They were so cute I hated to eat them but I did, I ate several of them.


  1. Oh no, how could you ever call a Snoopy sweater ugly? LOL. I love Snoopy. xo

  2. ... great theme for a party..... and I love the cookie decorations.... Hugs ... Barb xxx

  3. Elaine,

    I had some of those sweaters too and loved them. Some of them I still think are pretty. Glad you are having a great season. Thanks so much for guest posting on my blog.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,


  4. I'm a teacher. Need I go on? LOL, I had lots of those sweaters! I think you look cute, though. Those cookies look amazing.

  5. You and your husband are so cute - ugly sweaters and all. Those cookies are awesome!