Monday, December 8, 2014

Vintage Kitchen Christmas Tree - Christmas Home Tour Part One

This year I gathered the box of my mother's vintage ornaments in bright reds and greens and added them to my vintage kitchen Christmas tree. I think this is my favorite tree in the house this year. Many ornaments were given to me as a child so this has been dubbed Grandma's tree.
vintage bread box, vintage Santa

vintage ornaments

I have to give the usual props to my hubby because I told him what I envisioned for this little tree and he made it happen. He put the tree in one of my old crocks and placed all my red rolling pins around the base of the tree.
Christmas tree in a crock

I placed all my candy cane decor above the tree to tie in the candy cookie theme.
merry christmas sign, candy cane candy decor

The vintage Santa face was my mother's as well and I think it is my favorite of all the decor I have of hers.
vintage santa face, vintage graters, candy cane decor

kitchen Christmas tree, vintage bread box

I hope you enjoyed the first tree in my annual home tour for Christmas. Next up is my real tree for the year in a snowman theme.
A look at my Christmas kitchen from 2013 and 2012.


  1. This is so cheerful and pretty Elaine. I always try to think of something different to do with my Christmas d├ęcor, but I can never seem to get through the season without my cheery red decorations. The Santa face is just adorable! What a sweet remembrance of Christmas with your mom :>)

  2. What a precious tree and memory of your grandmother and mother. You know I love color and all that red and white speaks to me.

    Happy Christmas

  3. So cute! I need to find me some vintage items to do the same. Merry Christmas!

  4. Elaine, I just adore your vintage ornaments on your kitchen tree! I love how you used an old crock for a base. That Santa face is a real treasure and a great remembrance of your mother!

  5. Such a cute corner! Love the Santa mask. When I was a child, my Grandpa used to wear one looking just like that :)


  6. Hi Elaine,so cute I love all your country decoration in your kitchen
    nice of you used all your grandmother and mother Christmas decoration in your home
    Merry Christmas
    stop by my blog and look some of my decoration

  7. Always love your decorating and your little tree is so cute. Love your Mom's Santa and it 's so nice that you have things from your family.

  8. Love..Love..Love your little kitchen tree! The crock is perfect !

  9. That looks fantastic - what a pretty thing to look at while in the kitchen.

    I'll have to tell my daughter about your crock idea - she will love that!

  10. I do love the look of the tree in a crock! And of course that cool bread box. All so festive and cheery!

  11. This looks so cute! I love it!

  12. Love it all! Something about vintage ornaments that bring out the wonder of Christmas! Enjoyed this post! I'll be back to visit!

  13. adorable! I love the tree.

    Amy Jo

  14. Love that kitchen tree with all the vintage ornaments. That whole nook is just beautiful. I love the vintage Santa face, too. Everything is more special knowing it belonged to your mom. It still surprises me every time you mention your husband helping you decorate - he is the only husband I know who does that! Brian wouldn't know how to decorate if it bit him in the butt, lol.

  15. So cute! I love how merry your decor is! patsy

  16. How wonderful! So festive and I adore the Santa hanging - - he's so perfect

  17. I bet every ornament tells a story . . .

  18. I don't know where to start except that you and I must have been sisters with different mothers! I LOVE the way that you decorate!

  19. Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!