Friday, February 6, 2015

Best Month To Buy Furniture - Friday Frugal Update

Did you know February is the best month of the year to buy furniture? Furniture stores are getting ready to debut their new styles in spring so this is their last month to push their older inventory.

We are currently shopping for a new bed. This is long overdue but a necessity. It is time as they say. To save money ,and frankly space ,we are going from a king to a queen. I know you may think us crazy but we used to have a queen and we were fine. To gain some space in our smallish bedroom, we will go back to a queen sized mattress.  And a plus is they are cheaper than a king.

The weather has been warm during the day so we have not had to run our heater. Our gas bill had doubled in December when we ran the heat more so I am thrilled to know this will cut way back on our next bill.

The vegetable garden is almost all in. I have been mixing my compost with a couple bags of bought compost to rebuild the soil. I am also mulching with the coop chopped straw bedding when I clean it out. I do not do this around anything we will be eating soon as I do not want any contamination. I use aged compost for food crops. Mulching will help keep water costs down.

I am only harvesting bok choy and other greens right now but hope to be planting some early experiments of our more summer vegetables soon. They are all in pots right now. We are so warm here anymore that I am going to see if some early planting yields some earlier harvests.

I pulled up a couple runner shoots of our blackberries and will start another bush with them along some existing fencing.

What have you done this week to save money? I love to read other folks frugal pursuits.


  1. I can't think of one single thing I've done this month. Like you, I'm always frugal. A splurge to me is an iced coffee at McDonalds!

  2. Funny, yesterday we just had our first king size bed delivered! We bought our mattress pad and sheets at Marshall's, so saved money there. I think we'll go back (Or to TJ Maxx or Homegoods) to look for a blanket and comforter.

    We're in need of a headboard - I did not know February was a good time to buy furniture. Maybe we'll keep looking? Or we'll just make our own.

    I decided to go with sheets as curtains for our bedroom. Cheaper than curtains and way cheaper than fabric.

    I used the last of my freezer/crockpot meals yesterday. I can't wait to make more meals for the freezer. Makes dinner time so much easier.

    I'm a bit jealous you're working on your garden. We have three feet of snow covering ours! My 12 year old son was talking to me about what we should plant this year and said we should start making a plan. I'm thrilled that he is excited about it!

  3. Didn't realize this was the best month to buy furniture. We usually buy used at thrift stores or yard sales-I guess that's my frugality at work. We live a frugal life and are quite content. Enjoy your new bed!

  4. the heat's been running non-stop here for weeks, it seems but we've got a break this weekend at least :) 40 degrees feels balmy right now! :)

  5. ..Hello Elaine... it's nice that you were able to save money and get more space in your bedroom by changing beds....
    Have a good week...
    Hugs ... Barb xxx

  6. I cansure understand changing beds for space... We sleep in a FULL! And our bedroom is packed!
    Oh let's see- saving money?
    Girl--- there is lots going on here behind the scenes; but I can't think of one frugal thing off the top of my head.
    I've really got to tighten the purse strings ...