Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Raising Puppies

Most of you know we have two new rescue puppies named Luna and Tug. Luna because a six year old named her and Tug because well, let's just say someone likes to pull on things and carry something around all the time.

We are now 16 weeks old and doing great. We keep our owners very busy with lots of outside play time but we spend our indoor time cuddled in our bed in the service porch where we can be watched by our mom.

Cuddling is a big part of our day and the tall man in the house sneaks us into his bed to watch TV at night. Don't tell mom cause she doesn't let us sleep there all night.

We play outside and try and keep our mom from her gardening chores when we get a chance. She does not appreciate us running through her garden beds though we are not sure why. The dirt in there is far superior than the rest of the yard.

Mom says our puppy playpen is a life saver. She loves the Northstar playgate and says it is the only way to raise puppies. We spend a lot of time in the sunshine playing in here so she can get things done.

A few have asked where we bought our gate and we have had it for years. It is from Amazon and we bought it for our six year old and then have used it for chickens and now puppies. Couldn't be happier with it and you can use all or just a few of the panels.


  1. Elaine, they are adorable! They are so cute I'd be sneaking them into bed too. My two sure keep me warm at night!

  2. Elaine, they are adorable and I love the play ring!

  3. They are so cute and I love their coloring. Cute names too.

  4. Those puppies are so sweet! Enjoy ;-)

  5. They are just adorable. So glad they have you and each other. Love puppy tummies and thier puppy chow breath.