Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rooster Decorations for Kitchen

I love to decorate with anything rooster or chicken. My family calls me the crazy chicken lady. In almost all rooms of the house you will find bits of rooster decor items. 

I have always had lots of rooster decorations for kitchen vignettes. Chickens have been in my kitchen decor since the early 90s. Now it is just a part of who I am. 

Black, white, small, large and on tea pots. Many are given as gifts.

I think you decorate with what you love and then it will never go out of style for you personally. If you decorate with the trends than you will probably be bored with it eventually. If I tire of a certain chicken it just goes tucked away and comes out maybe in another year when the mister is doing his thing. He is afterall the main decorator.

By far one of my favorite finds were these rooster canisters I picked up on a trip with friends a few years ago. They are so cheery and will never go out of style to me.

Do you have a certain them in your kitchen that you love?
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  1. You've got some great rooster things! I agree with you about decorating with what you love. I am starting to change up my decor with garden things, cause that's what I love!
    I haven't been getting notices about your posts for some reason, so I just read some of your older ones. I loved seeing your coop. And I had to tell my husband about your using compost to start seeds. I just bought some potting soil and now I wish I hadn't. (Of course, now that I think of it, our compost is frozen so that wouldn't work! Ha!

  2. Your vignettes are sweet!
    I have a lot of roosters/chickens in my kitchen decor also...don't know when I haven't.

  3. I didn't realize I collected chickens and roosters until one day we decided to paint the kitchen and everything I took down was heavily chicken related!

  4. I saw something at Hobby Lobby today that reminded me of you. It was a green aged looking metal basket with a hanger. It had a sign with a chicken on it. It was $18 but with their 40% coupon, it would be much less. You can probably find it online. Not sure if this was one labeled spring but it it was it would be an additional 30/40%.

  5. Love your rooster vignettes. I pinned some. I adore the canisters too!

  6. Luv it I also have a rooster kitchen. Canister set is now on my wish list <;)

  7. You have a lot of great rooster/chickens decorating your space! I really love those canisters! I had chickens for a long time, but then changed. I miss my chickens!