Friday, March 13, 2015

Blending Custom Chicken Treats

The bonus of having a small flock of chickens in your backyard is you can spoil them on a daily basis. I love making custom chicken treat blends. I mean look at those colors. Like a rainbow of goodness for my girls.

blending custom chicken treats, chicken treats made for healthy chickens

Whether the girls are molting or for cold winter days or even warmer weather, I can vary my custom blends to help supplement their diet to keep them in top egg laying shape.

blending custom chicken treats, healthy backyard chickens

I grow lots of calendula and dry the leaves to add to the spring and summer blends which the chickens love and make for wonderful golden egg yolks.

blending custom chicken treats, drying calendula for chickens

I am obsessed with making these blends. My hens go crazy for it. I have even thought I might package and sell some of my favorite chicken blends.


  1. Your chickens have got to be the most spoiled chicks around.

  2. Your hens are so pretty Elaine! Love making blends too and have lots pinned on Pinterest. Have a bright sunny day! We are spoiled here in California aren't we?! xox

  3. Now that's a great idea! Sell them.

  4. Your chickens (and their food) are beautiful! They deserve to be spoiled :-) .

  5. Hi Elaine.... your chicken blend looks so colourful and tasty.....
    Hubby and I are thinking about getting a few chickens.... we have a large enclosed Aviary ..about 5'x9' and it has only one lonely quarrion living in it at the moment...
    Hugs ... Barb xxx

    1. Oh Barbara you should. Thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments.

  6. Elaine, have you ever posted the recipe for any of your custom chicken treat blends?

  7. Anne no I never did. I just mixed up what I had on had and catered to the time of year and what I had in the garden I could add.