Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Garden Tour 2015 - Growing Edibles In Your City Garden

In a Southern California garden this is our main growing season. Temps are perfect for lots of growth and summer heat has not hit yet. This year we are expanding our edible garden beds mixing ornamentals and edibles so that our garden is producing organic nutrient rich food but also pretty at the same time.

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There is so much I could share but we'd be here all day and you would be bored with me so here are some highlights. I endeavour to remove more lawn each year, expanding areas for vegetable gardening. When you are trying to grow a lot of your own produce in a small city yard, you have to ditch the lawn at some point.

Below here I have pumpkins, zucchini and bell peppers in containers. One bell pepper plant is now four years old and loaded with bell peppers and it is only May. A tomato and other herbs are start ups in here too.

garden tour 2015, urban farm, city vegetable garden, organic, container vegetable garden, glass insulators

I grow lots of vegetables in containers and pots. Here are strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini, onion, parsley and basil as well as a pumpkin vine to the left. You can see my jug of compost tea sitting there as well. I always have a batch brewing and feed my plants with them on a rotating basis.

garden tour 2015, urban farm, city vegetable garden, organic, container vegetable garden, zucchini

This garden bed has been a bonus area we have gained after having a tree removed. Once summer hits the six squash plants in containers, will be pulled out and the tomatoes and pumpkins will remain and fill in. Heirloom tomatoes are thriving in the full sun.

garden tour 2015, urban farm, city vegetable garden, organic, metal garden rooster

The front planter this year is our squash garden for sure. The entire thing is grown over with all types of squash and pumpkins. That is for another post but it is thriving this year. My plan to plant early has paid off. The garden was in by January and February and I am already picking loads daily. I was very frugal and started most of my plants from seed this year.

garden tour 2015, urban farm, city vegetable garden, organic, metal garden rooster

This photo of my main veggie bed is from a couple weeks ago. More changes and growth have taken place since. We have veggies, an apple tree, greens, broccoli, herbs. You name it and I try and grow it.

garden tour 2015, urban farm, city vegetable garden, organic, vegetable garden


  1. Love it! When we lived in Idaho we lived very close to downtown in an area of historic homes. All the lots were city lots and little by little owners began to eliminate grass for organic and sustainable gardens. It cuts down on water waste and provides family and friends with delicious crops. I commend you for doing the same.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Did you make the mosaic garden sign? Very cute! Also, is that your front yard in the last photo? Do you dogs poop in your containers? Abi does.

  3. Love your garden with all the vintage touches.

  4. Hey Elaine! Wow, your garden looks fabulous--all this SoCal rain must be doing your garden well. :)

    We are still working on getting our gardens all built, and I can't wait until our yard looks as lush and beautiful as yours does. :)


  5. Your garden looks terrific!great job!

  6. Good for you removing more lawn each year. Saves water, mowing and fertilizing. We do that too. Just planted a peach tree in our front yard :) Nancy@littlehomesteadinboise

  7. Elaine!
    Your garden looks so wonderful. I'm embarrassed to say, I have a lot of earth I'm not doing near enough with it.
    We got started late this year-- and have had so much rain, I didn't plant potatoes. I hope that what I did plant will do very well.
    You are growing such a variety!
    Do you get grief from the neighbors for having veggies growing out front instead of 'flowers' and ornamentals?
    Do your apple trees produce fruit for you yet?

  8. You garden along your drive is fabulous, everything looks so green and healthy!
    Great edible garden!! The sign is cute too!!

    Thanks for stopping by to share your blog!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  9. Patricia no our neighbors have never complained. If I showed you some of their yards you would see why. Lol!

  10. You inspire me so! I love how you use your front yard too for a vegetable garden! And it is just as pretty a yard as your neighbors with roses! You go Elaine! xox

  11. I always enjoy seeing your garden. In my neck of the woods we are just starting :)