Monday, June 8, 2015

A Week In The Garden - Chicken Update

The garden is a tumbly mess of plants right now. I love it though. June in Southern California is bountiful. We are picking vegetables daily and everything has filled in. Summer heat has not taken its toll just yet, so we soak up all the time we can outdoors.

A Week In The Garden - Chicken Update, calendula

Though I grew most of my tomatoes from seed this year, I did plant a few of the heirloom varieties I have wanted to try. I have noticed they are slower to set but I am starting to see the first of many yummy tomato dishes that are ahead.

heirloom tomato

Strawberry plants I potted up last year are bearing fruit and they never seem to make it in the house. We pick and eat them warm from the sun. So sweet and juicy.

My bantam chickens are laying almost daily. Their little eggs make up about half an egg but are perfect for my kiddo who loves to eat a fried egg sandwich daily. These two know how to pose for the camera and let me tell you chickens are notoriously hard to get a good shot of.

Now Biff and Buff are a couple of happy gals and I do not believe we have seen the first egg yet. I thought maybe they had laid one because it wasn't in the nest box, but that was weeks ago. I was probably one of my crazy bantams playing a joke on more or just dropping it like it was hot.

They should be laying soon. Combs are getting red and growing larger. I will look forward to nice sized eggs daily for sure.


  1. That tomato looks tempting! And what lovely strawberries! I've never seen a spotted type of chicken like that. Gorgeous!

  2. You were lucky to get a good picture of your chickens. I've been trying for years! The spotted one is very pretty.

  3. Your house and garden must be the envy of the neighborhood.

  4. Your photos are lovely. Especially like the Bantams.