Monday, June 15, 2015

Homemade Flower Fertilizer

I have a homemade DIY frugal super easy flower fertilizer recipe for you today.

Homemade Flower Fertilizer, diy flower food, frugal homemade plant fertilizer

Why pay for expensive plant fertilzers when you can make your own? If you have a flowers in containers or the garden this easy plant food recipe is a must make. The impatiens above are four years old. I trim every winter and feed in the spring with my homemade frugal flower fertilizer and look at it as of early June.

The calibrachoa superbells hanging pot was given to me on Mother's day. Look how many blooms are on it now compared to when it came home from the nursery. See the before and after.

Homemade Flower Fertilizer, calibrachoa superbells

Homemade Liquid Flower Food

In a two gallon watering can, mix two tablespoons of molasses and one tablespoon of epsom salt. Mix with a stick or wooden spoon and water. Feed weekly for containers and every two weeks for garden flowers. When watering the garden plants with this mixture, feed well and follow with a nice soak from the hose to get the fertilizer down to the roots.
I have used this on tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers as well.
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  1. Thank you for sharing! I would've never known to use those as flower fertilizer.

  2. Molasses! I have never heard of that and now I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. Hi Elaine ... I'm looking forward to trying your fertilizer recipe.....
    I have the 'suer bells' in my garden . I hope they get to look as beautiful as yours....
    Hugs.. Barb xxxx

  4. Awesome--I just started a marigold garden in our front planter and I want lots of flowers to harvest for the chickens with enough left for them to reseed themselves. This is perfect, so easy, and right up my alley. Thanks Elaine!

    Kristi @Stone Family Farmstead

  5. Amazing blossoms, Elaine! I am SO making that recipe. Have already written it down. Thank you!

  6. I live in south Florida and have a bad problem with ants in & outside of house. Question is will this attract the ants to my flowers where I use this mixture with molasses ? I am constantly fighting the ant problem just when I think I have them under control...I see another type of ants. So I guess this is 2 questions.. How do I Fight the ant problem also ?
    Really need help here in sunny south Florida.

    1. I have not had any problems with it attracting ants. You could try it on a small scale. Have you tried Simple Green on the ants?

  7. Will this fertilizer work for roses or herbs?

  8. This looks great! How much of the fertilizer mixture do you pour onto each plant? Or do you just use it as the plant's "water" for that day? For reference I have perennial and annual flowers (and am obviously a newb!).

  9. Yes I just use it for the watering of that day. I use it on all sorts of flowering plants. I am testing it on veggies that need to flower this year, seeing if I get bigger yields.

  10. Hi, How was the result with the veggies? And have you used this fertilizer on bulbs?

  11. Do you mean 2 tbs. of molasses and 1 tbs. of epsom salts to 2 gallons of water? Thanks. Your garden is just beautiful!

  12. do i use unsulphered molasses or just regular store bought