Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pumpkin Biscotti And Pumpkin Spice Love

I blame it all on a candle. My daughter and I were shopping and I picked up a candle that smelled like the perfect pumpkin spice scent. I love pumpkin everything.

Well, before I even got home I was telling my daughter that I want to make pumpkin biscotti. Once home I lit the candle and then I knew I had to make the biscotti. So to the laptop I went and found a recipe I liked and started to bake. The link to the recipe is here. They are mild with just a touch of pumpkin and I added toasted pecans to the recipe as well. My daughters took it a step further and drizzled melted chocolate on theirs. I have been enjoying them with my coffee for a couple of days now and I think I will freeze some for later.

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How cute is this sign I found on Amazon? I am itching to decorate for fall. I know I know, I need to wait and savor summer but fall and pumpkin spice is my favorite!!


  1. Elaine I feel exactly the same way. I'm over the heat of Summer and pray we could extend the Fall season. Pretty colors, yummy food, and much nicer weather to get things done.

  2. I was in Hobby Lobby recently. They have a selection of Fall signs. One said Pumpkin Spice Season. Loved it!

    I'm infamous for my love of all things pumpkin spice. Like you, I am ready for Fall!