Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How To Make An Inground Composter For Your Garden

I am going to show you how to make a super easy DIY inground composter and for free too!

Not everyone has the space or desire to keep a large compost pile that you have to turn and maintain. Maybe you don't want to worry about attracting critters to a compost bin in your backyard. I am going to show you how I made an inground composter that also acts as a worm composter you place right in your garden.

To begin, find a spot in your garden where maybe you want to revive the soil. Cause this is going to do it for you. 

1. Take a five gallon nursery pot. They have large drainage holes and you want that.

2. Now dig a hole where you want the compost bin about four inches deep and set the pot drainage holes down in the hole. Fill in the dirt around the pot.

Now find an old bucket. I use a galvanized one. They fit perfectly down in the pot. This will act as a lid keeping flies and rodents out. I have even used a terra cotta pot that fit too.

Begin adding your kitchen scraps. Only fruit and vegetable scraps. But don't forget the eggs shells and the coffee grounds. Throw them in there too cause the worms will love them.

About twice a week, squirt some water in there. It helps flush the nutrients down into the soil.
Keep the lid on at all times. Every once in a while, lift the pot and you will see all the worms that are coming into the pot through the drainage holes. They are breaking down the scraps and making great fertilizer.

I usually plant around the base and the plants will love it. In the photo above I have an inverted tomato cage and have planted cucumber vines to grow up the wire supports.

When your plants are done and you are ready to pull them out, go ahead and move the pot to a new hole and area of the garden you want to revitalize the soil a bit.


  1. We still haven't planted a vegetable garden and we really need to, but we have one tomato plant and are now enjoying sweet cherry tomatoes in our salad.

  2. Elaine, this is a wonderful idea, I could see using a few of these in various places. We have a huge [made from pallets] double composter, and one of those black ones that many municipalies sell, but neither of them do a super job because it's just too dry up here, and water is a commodity.

    A smaller composter would be easy to use during the summer months, and I could water it when I do the garden.

    Definitely something to put on my garden to do list. Thanks!


  3. You are about the best country girl in the city I've ever seen. You embrace the simple life.

  4. What an absolutely genius idea!!! Brilliant!!

  5. Love this idea. I get plastic buckets from a neighbor who owns a bakery, so I bet I could use that for the cover. Thanks for the idea. Can't wait to see all those worms!