Sunday, August 16, 2015

How To Set Up A Camp Kitchen

I love camp cooking. As soon as we arrive to our campsite, I set up my camp kitchen. I'll show you how to set up a camp kitchen cause for me organization is the key to successful and enjoyable camping. 

How to set up a camp kitchen
camping tips

 Having everything at hand in an organized camp kitchen, makes preparing all that yummy camp food easy. Camping can be a lot of work but if you prepare ahead with your organized camping supplies, you will enjoy that meal prep time and fellowship with your friends and family in the great outdoors.

camp kitchen
 Believe it or not, I asked for this folding camp kitchen for Mother's day a couple of years ago. It keeps everything right at my fingertips.

Here is an organized camping list for your kitchen:
Paper towels
Trash bags
Trash can
Matches or clicker lighter
Plates and silverware, napkins
Reusable tablecloth
Pots and pans and cooking tools
Tea kettle
Coleman Coffee Maker (An awesome portable propane coffee maker)
Non stick spray (makes clean up easy)
Dish pan
Wash cloth and towel

I prefer to set up my camp kitchen with my propane stove at the end of my picnic table. That way I am right where the action is and I can leave hot pans on there to serve from.

I find having everything at hand makes meal prep easy and I love this collapsible camp stove holder. It folds up into a small bag too.

folding camp kitchen

If we are camping for at least a few days or the picnic table is small, I pull out my folding table and set up our meal and coffee goods here. Less in and out of the trailer to get what you need. I love this wire silverware, paper goods picnic caddy. It keeps all items organized.

camp table

Here is another idea I am going to implement next camping trip. I love this hanging camping organizer. It would be great to hold things up out of the way and keep them from getting piled up on your camp table.

hanging camp organizer

I love this camping collapsible sink. You could really use it anywhere in the house too but it folds up totally flat. Just throw in your camping bin or under your sink.
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  1. I love the outdoors, but I wouldn't be a happy camper probably. My memories of camping are filled with bugs!

  2. these are all great ideas Elaine!
    I'm pinning these ideas... the shoe holder especially!

  3. I'll be planning our next camping trip soon, so I'm pinning this. You have some really great tips! I have one of those hanging organizers, what a great idea to use it while camping!