Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Get Growing - The Application Of Gardening

Whether you use your green thumb to take care of a garden or you till the land professionally, using a smart phone makes horticulture and farming easier than ever. As the attached infographic proves, the application of gardening has improved every aspect of such industries.

There are hundreds of gardening apps available for download, and they all train users in the best ways to raise seeds into long-lasting vegetation. The best of them include Garden Compass, Leafsnap, and Life. You can use these three programs in combination to check the livelihood of your plants against a picture database of healthy ones, then plan your maintenance routine for their upkeep.

If you’re a professional crop grower, there are many helpful apps for you as well. You can deploy GPS to figure out where your tractors are during their daily journeys, you can identify the best locations to seed your crops, and you can select the best methods to protect your investment.

Farming has always operated as a higher tech industry than the average consumer realizes, and the digital era empowers agriculturists like never before. If you’ve ever faced a difficult issue in raising your crops, some other farmer has built an app to address the problem. For gardeners and ranchers, the best is yet to come, too. Interactive tools such as sprinklers and soil monitors will maximize your output in future years.

Smart phone apps are a game changer for planters and farmers. The above infographic will help you learn more about the changing agricultural climate.



  1. Interesting. I have not every used any gardening apps. I will try it out.
    xo Kris

  2. I never thought about using a smart phone when growing vegetables.