Monday, November 9, 2015

Free Printable Holiday Planning Pages

I think it is so worth it to put together a simple Christmas organizer and I have compiled my favorite free printable holiday planning pages.
Each year I like to get myself going early so I can have an organized Christmas. I have done a series on getting ready for the holidays so check it out for cleaning lists to get ready for holiday guests.

A simple binder with these Christmas countdown printables will help you keep on track.
Print these holiday organization lists now and stay organized with me as we prepare for the holiday season.
Here are some of my favorite free holiday organization printables.

                                                                  Holiday Baking List

                                                                  Christmas shopping list


  1. A woman after my own heart!! I keep a running Excel sheet every year for Christmas with the folks I buy for, what I spend, etc. Also a grocery shopping list and a menu for each year.

    It sure makes life easier, doesn't it??

    1. That is so awesome. I wish I could get more computer savvy with my lists. I a.m still paper and pencil.

  2. Great lists. And my printer is broken!