Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015 is in the books. No party for hubby and I so no usual costume pics this year. We did have friends come over for a grown up bonfire on Saturday night after everyone's kids we off for their activities. Look at his apple trifle my girlfriend brought. Isn't it beautiful??

 We all carve pumpkins every year so we got together on Thursday night to get them done. On Halloween our youngest was taken trick or treating by what I called her "entourage". Our 21 year old and friends all dressed up and took Q out and even through a haunted house that my little really wanted to try.

It was a fun weekend. Hubby and I took Q to IHOP for spooky pancakes. So fun. I often wonder if we didn't have a littler one what we would do. We would be missing out on all we get to do with her. So fun and such a good reason to keep all of our traditions continuing for all the girls and making so many more memories.


  1. We realized that this year was the first year in 25 years that we didn't spend Halloween at my parents house or going trick or treating with the kids. It kind of made me sad.

  2. Looks like fun talking off over here now.

  3. That trifle is gorgeous! We did so much when we were raising our two granddaughters that we didn't do with our son and I often think how fortunate we were to have the time to do all of the fun things we did with the girls. It's kinda like you realize some things aren't as important as you thought they were first time around.


  4. I miss those days when the girls were little and I used to take them trick or treating!! They grow up far too quickly.