Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best Tips Of 2015

As the year closes, I love to review and see which posts were the most popular on the blog so here are the best tips of 2015 on Sunny Simple Life. A little something for everyone, we share the best money saving, gardening and recipe of 2015.

frugal tips for garden and home

Most popular recipe of the year was our Crock Pot Mixed Berry Cobbler. This recipe was by far the most viewed and shared of the year. I made it for our family reunion in July and everyone asked for the recipe. We even made a dairy free version for my sister in law.

crock pot mixed berry cobbler, slow cooker

I make all of my own homemade cleaners but this one with bleach was very popular. It works great on my white tile and grout and I use it when I clean the bathrooms. It takes pennies to make. All our cleaning recipes can be found on the frugal tips page.

homemade cleaner

Now onto the garden. I had two posts that were very popular. First, my super frugal homemade flower fertilizer made from two ingredients you probably have right now. Costs almost nothing to make and is totally organic. Spring will be here before you know it.

homemade organic flower fertilizer

And last, who doesn't love a homegrown tomato and planting them for optimum yield is important. How to plant tomatoes the right way shows you how to plant your tomato seedlings for a strong root system. Also don't forget my post on how to grow tomato plants from cuttings. Two frugal garden tips to help you save money.

how to plant tomatoes, vegetable garden


  1. Can't live without bleach and of course I have to check out the plant fertilizer.

    Happy New Year and thanks for always being so sweet. ;)

  2. I had told you that we always plant our tomatoes that way, and we always have a big crop! I never heard how yours did? Will you continue to plant them that way? Since we live in different areas/ zones, I wondered if it works as well for you as it has for us for many years.... hope you had a great holiday and wishes for peace and joy in the new year!

  3. I just showed my sister how to make your bleach cleaner over the weekend, and how to stretch the laundry detergent also - she was amazed!! I cannot wait to try your garden fertilizer and I've pinned it for spring. Do you ever have a problem with ants due to the molasses? Just curious. Great post!!