Saturday, January 2, 2016

Looking Ahead To 2016 - Goals Not Resolutions

We went to my sister in law's 70s themed New Year's Eve party. Don't ya love the glasses hubby is wearing? They were my dad's and I remember him wearing them way back in the 70s. I was going for some big disco hair. Not sure I acheived that but it was great fun as usual. I always dance way more than I should and pay for it the next day. I say keep dancing as long as your body will let you.

I had to share my sister in law's 2016 glitter bottles. Aren't they fun? Even the menu was 70s themed party food from fondue to Chex mix.

2015 proved a year both rewarding and challenging. My kids are all well and successfully facing the challenges of career and college educations. They are thriving. My oldest has finally accomplished her dream of a job in a hospital as an RN. She will be a med/surge oncology nurse on three twelves. No more visits to people's homes where nurses cannot control their environment. As her mother I am so relieved she is done with that phase and will be in a hospital now. What is asked of home-health nurses is really incredibly risky. Many patients are great but some require these nurses to go into areas that are not safe. Anyway off my soap box and so happy for her.

My other girls are good and working and doing well in school. Parenting is hard and does not happen in a vacuum. You have to be present, in their lives, faces, business but also let them fail and learn how to fix things on their own. Your kids need you to be their parents, not their friend. It is hard and you have to stay the course. The rewards are worth all the work ten fold.

I do not share as much about the family here these recent years but I do like to offer encouragement to others if I can. My husband is well and now working locally all the time with no travel. That was an adjustment but a positive one. I love being able to lean on him more for the day to day things. I was alone a lot for 24 years of marriage and raising kids when he had to travel for work. That was hard on both of us but is behind us now. Yay!

My goals for 2016:

1. Family - Continue to be home and the homemaker I love being. Cook more from scratch and get back on healthier meal planning. Spend more time working on planning for Q's homeschooling days and do more field trips with her. December is always very busy and pushes hubby and I a little too hard. I would like to take more time for rest and down time. I often feel I cannot just sit and do nothing.

2. Myself - Walk more. Daily or almost daily walking and twice weekly yoga. My hubby has plantar fasciitis and yoga is one plantar fasciitis exercise he can do without aggravating his foot pain. Get a better handle on changes that are occurring in my own body with aging and being a woman. We all know what that means. Spend time dealing with each change as much as I can so that I stay feeling well.

3. My Spouse - This is something I really want to focus on. Parenting and the pressures of aging parents takes a real toll on a couple and I want to spend more time having fun with my husband and working on our relationship. Our marriage is good but can always be better and he really gets me, know my needs and I want to focus on him more.

4. Blogging - Continue to grow my blog and to focus on writing. Maybe work on an e-book. I still like blogging and enjoy it but I may never grow very big as I allow the pull of my family to keep me busy and away from the computer. I like this and the balance feels good to me. I am seeing my page views grow slowly but that is okay. They are growing. I love this outlet and that I can work from home sharing what is most important to me. Blogging is a great creative outlet for me and challenges me to keep up if just a little, on the computer.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! I pray for more peace in our country but not sure what the future holds. Seems turbulent times for sure. Thank you so much for visiting and following along with us.


  1. Happy New Year! I share and appreciate your goals. Wishing you every happiness in 2016!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Such cute costumes! Every time I see photos of your parties it makes me wish we were your neighbors :) Our goals are so similar this year, Elaine. I still love blogging so much but family will always come first. Happy New Year to you and your sweet family, and I look forward to growing our blogs in 2016! xoxo!

  3. A 70's party sounds fun! I wish I still had the magenta colored elephant bell bottoms I favored, along with the halter tops, floppy hat, fringed vests, platform shoes and blue granny glasses. I loved the 70's and being a teenager during them was probably my favorite period of my life.

    I like your goals for the new year.

  4. Goals not resolutions is what the new year should be.

    Family is the most important thing to Steve and me. We were thrilled when our children asked for a family vacation instead of gifts for Christmas this year. We love that both our son/wife and daughter/boyfriend choose to spend time with us. Our son's new in-laws live just 3 blocks from us and we do a lot of things as a combined family.

    My sister who lives just off the Sunflower offramp in the Covina Hills is retiring in June. I know I will be in to visit her more so maybe 2016 will be the year we meet up!

  5. I, also, like your goals and can appreciate each one. Looking forward to your 2016 posts. Happy New Year to you.

  6. I like this Elaine-
    I don't make resolutions either.
    Just goals. I honestly, haven't thought about too many goals, and certainly haven't set them in writing. Probably will do this today, seeing it is Jan 3 already!
    I saw your party pics on IG... y'all are always such a cute couple! Love them and the glitter bottles for the new year party. How fun?!
    I'm glad you mentioned what you did about the Home Health Care - as you know my daughter is an LVN ...she is going to school with me finishing up her pre-req's to become an RN, but is thinking of going into HHC... I hadn't thought of that aspect, going places not safe. Not to mention, the solitary aspect (which I've thought of) 1 nurse against a whole family!
    Just from watching my daughter-- I see that nursing isn't given the credit it's due!

  7. Love this and am constantly amazed at the balance you create in your life.