Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Clean Your Coffee Maker And Kill Weeds At The Same Time

Here's a frugal tip on how to clean your coffee maker and kill weeds at the same time. About once a month I clean my coffee maker and Keurig brewer. While I was standing there one day I thought it was such a waste to dump all the white vinegar down the drain when I descale my Keurig. What else could I use it for?

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How To Use Vinegar To Kill Weeds

I knew vinegar kills weeds and I always have some in my driveway or in the yard. I use organic ways to kill weeds only in our yard and garden. So now when I clean my coffee maker Keurig brewer, I always take the hot water vinegar mixture straight out to the yard, while it is hot and pour over the weeds. Within a day the weeds are dying and after a couple of days they are brown and dead.

If you need to kill a small patch of grass, say around a sprinkler, this works great as well. Using vinegar in the garden is organic and leaves no toxic residue. I never use Roundup any longer and have not for years. Find organic ways to kill weeds is easy if you do a little research.

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