Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Upgrade Your Kitchen On A Budget

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Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you want to upgrade your kitchen but have to stick to a tight budget, there are plenty of options available for you. Turning your old or outdated kitchen into a new, beautiful space can be as easy as changing colors, applying a fresh coat of paint, or opting for upgrades in a few key areas.

The following are some suggestions for giving your eating space an inviting, and inspiring, new look while keeping to a strict kitchen upgrade budget:

Change Lighting

For an instant kitchen makeover, think about swapping out your existing lighting for a new pendant lamp, chandelier, or other piece. Most lighting options will set you back only a couple of hundreds dollars or less, and they’ll bring you many rewards when it comes to having a bright focal piece in your kitchen.

Purchase New Hardware

For a budget-friendly kitchen upgrade, remove old and tired-looking kitchen hardware and replace it with something stunning and new. Get rid of your kitchen faucet, cupboard knobs, and door handles (if you have them) and opt for fresh hardware that reflects your style.

Upgrade a Few Accessories

To give yourself the feel of thorough kitchen makeover without the expense, focus on spending your money on fun cabinet features like pullout cutting boards, cabinet corrals, drop-down drawers, and little perks for your pantry.

Replace Cabinets

Sometimes all that’s needed for a kitchen makeover is a new set of cabinets (or just cabinet doors if you’re really tight on money). Consider that replacing your cabinets, which are focal points in most kitchens, will provide an instant face-lift for your space. If you can’t replace cabinets, or cabinet doors, simply give them a fresh coat of paint.

In addition to these tips, you can paint kitchen walls, add sconces or new artwork, hang a pan rack from the ceiling, or redo your floors with budget-friendly materials. All of these changes will breathe new life into a kitchen without forcing you to spend a lot of cash. Check out for all your kitchen remodeling needs!


  1. Just switching our boxed florescent lights for pendant lights made a huge difference in our kitchen. And, we were able to barter the electrical work. Steve ran into the electrician at his men's club and asked him to come by to give an estimate. The electrician said, "how about trading one of your paintings for the work?" Not only did he do the kitchen, but he installed string lights around our garden and the best part was he chose a painting that Steve had done 6 years before that was just sitting in the garage storage bin. It was definitely a win-win!

  2. I wish I had the talents and bartering skills that Art and Sand does! We are always remodeling on a budget and I think fresh paint can make a huge difference in changing and updating a kitchen! And along with new curtains - freshly washed windows.

  3. I am lovin the bead-board on the island.
    The color is so comforting.

  4. Thanks for the feature! I'm looking forward to another fun party.