Thursday, March 3, 2016

Frugal Seed Starting - Frugal Fridays

I always try to garden as cheaply as I can and frugal seed starting is easy when you reuse many household items that you would be throwing in the trash. Seed starting can be expensive if you are buying seed starting trays, lights and special pots. Here are my frugal gardening ideas for spring seed starting. A busy week here so I am sharing with you a day early.

seed starting in k-cups, cheap gardening

We are lucky to be able to start seeds outdoors all year long here gardening in Southern California. I use all kinds of containers.

1. Used k-cups or coffee pods. Once I dump the grounds in my compost I just add potting soil and plant. I love the plastic ones cause I can write with a marker right on the pod.

2. Used egg shells. They are great because shells are so good for the garden. When it is time to plant, just break the bottom out a bit and plant the shell.

3. Plastic food containers, yogurt cups, fruit cups. Poke holes in the bottoms for drainage. Many of the containers, like those from a roasted chicken, have clear lids and make mini green-houses.

4. Old six pack pots from the nursery.

5. Milk jugs or soda bottles. Cut the tops off and use the tops as mini green houses.

6. Old toilet paper rolls. Cut in half, stand up in a tray, fill with soil and plant.

7. Large plastic food containers. I do mass planting of seedlings this way spacing about an inch or two apart and just separate when I am ready to plant.

seed starting in eggshells

I like to start my seeds in regular potting sale
Recycling household items for gardening saves money on gardening and helps to get more use out of many items we would just throw away. Follow our newsletter for even more tips with a weekly feature and check out our other frugal gardening how to's.


  1. I kept a strawberry container yesterday. Thought I'd start some seeds in it.

  2. I haven't started seeds in the past, but am planning to do it this year. Thank you for your great money saving ideas!

  3. Oh I need to do this! It sounds like such a great idea! :)

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