Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kitchen Quick Tip - How To Get ALL The Mayo Out Of The Jar

You know I hate to waste any food and this frugal tip on how to get all the mayonnaise from the jar is a simple one but works so great. Frugal tips to save money on food is something I strive for.

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I used to use a standard butter knife when try to get the last of the mayonnaise out of the jar. Then I thought maybe a spoon would work but then you had to get the mayo off of the spoon. A few years ago it dawned on me that a rubber kitchen spatula would be perfect. And made even more fun with a cute chicken rubber spatula.

Kitchen Quick Tip:

Use a rubber kitchen spatula to get the last of the mayo out of the jar and use it to spread right on your bread or stir into your recipe using mayonnaise.

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  1. Those rubber spatulas are my go-to for a lot of things in the kitchen - I must have about 8 of them in different sizes by now - they are indispensable! Great tip!

  2. I use those spatulas all the time to get every last drop.

  3. I think I need to find a cute spatula like yours!

  4. My grandma taught us to do this too. I need one of those cute spats though.

  5. I picked up the habit of using my rubber spatulas for stirring and scraping from my mom.