Monday, April 18, 2016

Emergency Preparedness Series - Why You Should Start Now

I have had on my mind for my own family and to share on the blog, a renewed emergency preparedness series and why you should start now. It can feel overwhelming to hear the term "emergency preparedness" so I want to break it down into easy to follow steps. Some of the preps we have already done but also work we will share as we work along and do more prepping for what we hope will never happen but if it does, knowing we are prepared.

why you should start preparing for emergencies

My husband and I have been working on actually listing and plugging away at our emergency kits and supplies for a few years but this last weeks events with four major earthquakes has made me glad we have been moving forward with our preparations. I live in earthquake territory and the threat is very real. But we should all be preparing for the emergencies that happen every day all over the world. For you it may be hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes. What happens if you can't get home or the roads near you are blocked or impassible. None of us knows when a disaster either man made or natural be occur in our area. This is why you must get started now and move to emergency preparedness planning.

In our series I will cover what you should do first.

-What food we are storing.

-How we store water.

-How to prepare for power outages.

-How to prepare your property.

-First Aid must haves.

-Having a family emergency plan

I am sure the list will grow as we move through our plans and share with you. We as always have to do our emergency preps on a budget but as we have been able to check items off our list, we have felt a real sense of peace of mind as one more thing gets checked off our list. It may seem daunting as you begin but each step, each item you store or prepare is one step closer to surviving and thriving as best as possible if the worst should occur.

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  1. I look forward to this. We receive emails from sources who seem to be preparing to the extreme. I need practical advice on this. It has been in my mind.