Monday, June 27, 2016

Free Emergency Water Storage Ideas

How to store water for the long term and without spending any money. Free ways to store water for emergencies using containers you already have.

This last month I have been focusing on emergency water storage because in the case of a natural or man-made disaster, you absolutely cannot live without WATER!

using soda and juice bottles for water storage, prepping

Free Ways To Long Term Water Storage:

Whether you are just beginning your emergency disaster preparations or you are a seasoned prepper you can never have enough water storage.

Saving water in containers for drinking and food preparation:

1. Save all your old 2 liter soda bottles and sturdy drink containers. Old gallon milk and water containers will leak so don't use those.

2. I always save a bunch up giving them an initial rinse until I am ready to sterilize them for filling.

3. To sterilize, I use hot soapy dishwater with bleach and rinse and shake, rinse thoroughly.

4. Fill with clean water. If you have city water like me you won't have to do anything else but for other water sources you may need to add bleach. Refer to the links on my other post for ratios.

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Saving water in containers for washing and hygiene:

1. Save your old liquid detergent bottles and just rinse thoroughly. I would rinse and shake with hot water when I did laundry and just add to a new laundry load to not waste the water and soap. Once the water runs clean, this container can be filled to use for washing purposes in the case of emergencies. You have to have more than water for drinking if your water supply is cut off.

I make sure to mark "Do Not Drink" on the detergent bottles.

2. We use lots of distilled vinegar so I save these bottles, rinse well and fill with water. These would be fine to use for personal washing and for washing of dishes in an emergency and really even drinking if you had to since they are food grade.

emergency supplies, food storage

I write the month I fill each set of bottles onto the containers. Then I know that every six months from that month, I need to rotate and refill. I store the same months together to make rotating my water storage easier.
Read the first post in this series and see why you need to start your emergency prepping now.


  1. These are good tips. I think that people forget that they will need water for washing, etc and not just for drinking in an emergency.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley