Thursday, September 15, 2016

How To Save Tomato Seeds

One way I save money and garden frugally is by saving my own seeds. Here is how to save tomato seeds.

Growing your vegetables and even flowers from seeds saves so much money. One pack of seeds around 
$1 to $2 can give you many plants where even at our local garden center, one plant is over $3 now.

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How to save tomato seeds:

1. Make sure you are using a tomato where the seeds will actually germinate. Grocery store tomatoes might not germinate if they are gmo so try heirloom plants and organic ones to start with. You can try with anything though because what do you have to loose.

2. Pick a great tomato at the peak of season. When you slice it just save some of the seeds in a dish. 

3. Rinse the seeds under cool water in a strainer.

4. Now lay out the seeds on a plate to dry thoroughly. I like to dry them on a plate and not paper so they don't stick.

5. Store in a cool dry place to save for planting next season. These printable seed packets are perfect for saving your vegetable seeds.
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  1. Well, aren't you smart? I have never started tomatoes from seeds! Great job/idea! xo Diana


    This is so timely and helpful. I was thinking how I could save my tomato plants for next year. My husband accidentally through away the name of the plants that are delicious.
    Now I can at least try to grow then for next year!
    Thanks again!