Sunday, January 15, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

If you ever have those little brown moths flying around your house then you need to know how to get rid of pantry moths. You never know when you might bring home a bag of pasta or grains that will have pantry moths in them. Here is what to do.
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My experience happened just this last year when I started seeing little brown moths in my service porch where our pantry is. I had no idea what they were. In 27 years of keeping house, I had never experienced these pantry pests. After doing some research I figured out they were pantry moths and plotted a plan to eradicate them from my home cause they are so annoying and frankly gross. We even saw the pantry moths in our bedroom once. Ugh!

Getting rid of pantry moths will take some time so plan for an hour or two to tackle this.

1. Go to your pantry and any cupboards that you store food and go through everything. If you see little worms in some dry goods or find webs up around the top of containers, you know where they are nesting. Most likely you may not find all their spots so that is why you have to be so thorough. They love little cracks and crevices to nest.

2. Start tossing anything open or that appears to be infested. Take everything else and put it in the freezer for a couple of weeks to kill of any larvae. I froze everything from flour to pasta to cornmeal to kill off anything I might have missed.

3. Clear the shelves and vacuum thoroughly making sure to get every crack and crevice of your pantry and cupboards where they might be.

4. Wipe down the shelves and surfaces with a strong solution of half water half white vinegar.

5. Start using jars and secure containers to store dry goods and prevent infestation. I like these because the lids are nice and tight to make sure the bugs don't get into the food and lay their eggs. Yuck right?
pantry jars
Jars I Use

6. Get some pantry moth traps and keep them out in different areas you have seen any of the moths flying around. As the traps get full, replace and always have them on hand. I kept catching the moths for a long time. Now we never see the moths but I still keep a trap in the pantry and see a moth on occasion stuck to the trap so as a preventative, I will always have them. You can order the pantry moth traps from Amazon or look at your local hardware store. They are around $8 from both places.


  1. That happen wen you have your door open all the Time they go inside the house must of the time living in California you don't need to have your door closed with the nice weather and they go in the house
    Thank you for your recommendation is good to know

  2. Ugh! I hope I don't get them. Sorry you had to deal with the pests!