Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How To Store Cookie Cutters

If you are like me and have amassed loads of cookie cutters, here are some ideas on how to store cookie cutters. So far mine are stored in a plastic bin but I love some of these cookie cutter organization ideas.

An organized kitchen is important to make cooking less stressful and more fun. Cookie cutters may be used only once a year so storing them put up away is how I roll. This is one of the clutter storage issues we need to deal with for an organized kitchen.

How To Store Cookie Cutters:

Large Glass Jars would be perfect to keep them clean. But can take a lot of space.
Glass jars, organized kitchen
via eatwell101

A large cork board would maybe be an option for a professional baker who needs them on hand but I see this as not a good way to keep them clean.
cork board, baking

This is how I store my cookie cutters. Plastic bins with labels keep them clean but we can find them easily with a detailed list.
plastic bins, organized baking

If you have the drawer space then you could organize cookie cutters in plastic ziploc bags to keep them clean. I only see a drawer or some sort of basket as an option here so the cookie cutters to not get damaged.
Ziploc organization

If you just have a few cookie cutters you could just stash them in a box in your baking drawer. 
baking organization
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You can see how I organize my baking drawer in this post:
baking drawer
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  1. I need to find all my cookie cutters after storing them together - somewhere!

  2. I keep mine in a basket - they were my mother's so I don't use them anymore, they will get bent, etc. and I enjoy seeing them on a shelf in the basket. Seeing the cupcake liners reminded me to put mine in my new baking drawer :)