Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stock Up Alert - Vanilla Bean Shortage

Stock Up Alert - Vanilla Bean Shortage!! Get ready to start paying a whole lot more for vanilla. 

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Due to a vanilla bean shortage in Madagascar, vanilla prices have been skyrocketing.  According to CBS News:
Seventy-nine percent of the world’s vanilla fields are in Madagascar. A shortage there has helped drive up the cost of vanilla beans from about $11 per pound in 2011 to $193 by the end of 2016.

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via CBS
So if you bake or use vanilla stock up now before prices rise even more. Vanilla lasts a long time to I always keep an extra bottle or too in my deep pantry. How to stock the pantry on a budget.

Stock Up Tip To Save Money On Vanilla!!

But here is a tip on how I just bought two bottles at the old price. Be on the look out at your grocery store in the vanilla section. It looks like the newer shipments reflected the new high price for vanilla, but their were older stock of the organic vanilla, even better, at 3.99 a bottle. I bought two.

The newer shipments of vanilla the same price were triple that and already $22 for a large bottle. So keep your eyes peeled and stock up on vanilla now. This is why I really believe in food storage. You are not panicked because you already have stocked up at the lower prices.

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  1. Thank you for the heads up! I've been meaning to make my own vanilla for a while, but I imagine the beans have made the jump in price too.

  2. I had no idea! Thanks for cluing us in!

  3. Thank you for giving us a heads-up! I'll check prices the next couple times I shop. I have a large bottle and haven't had to buy any in a couple years, so I don't know the going rate. :)

  4. I don't use much and alwasy get mine from Costco, thanks for the tip! I'll buy a spare....