Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day of Spring - Wisteria Blooming

Happy first day of spring everyone!!
A mini garden tour of our blooming wisteria vine.

You can follow me on Youtube to keep updated on our new videos. A veggie garden tour is on tap for Sunday.


  1. Beautiful I imagen with sonmudh rain this year
    In SCaifirnia you are going to have beautiful Spring I miss all the Flower from there
    Have a Happy first Spring Day

  2. Happy Spring to you also. I know it is the first day of spring, but here in western New York, we are gloomy and snow covered. But, I know spring is coming, it stays light longer and somewhere under the snow are my spring flowers just waiting to come out and play and we can't wait, we always get so excited when they start to appear!! Enjoy! Cathy in Webster, NY