Friday, April 28, 2017

Five On Friday - Farm Fresh

Awe, April in Southern California is such a pretty time. Not yet too hot and days are spent gardening and cooking up farm fresh goodies from the garden and hubby is busy putting up farm fresh decor.

farm fresh sign, farmhouse kitchen

red gingham kitchen, rooster decor, farmhouse kitchen

cilantro gone to seed, Southern California garden

hanging flower basket, Southern California garden

vintage Butter-Nut coffee

Chickens and farmhouse inspired decor have long been what I always seem to gravitate to when I am decorating. Remember the old rooster wall paper borders? Yep, I had some, did you? I think rooster decor will never go out of fashion.

I love my gingham rooster kitchen canisters and probably get asked about those the most. They are from Certified International and Amazon carries a ton of really cute ones so check it out.

My garden is just so pretty right now and loved all our rain Southern California received this year. Cilantro is something I always let go to seed as it makes such a pretty garden flower and then they reseed and sprout for me again in the fall.

I love hanging baskets and picked up this new one to add to our patio. Once summer comes, they won't survive but for now they are beautiful.

The patriotic decor comes out next week and we will keep it up until after Labor day. This vintage Butter-Nut coffee can came from hubby's grandpa's garage complete with old nails in it but I rescued it for the house.
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