Friday, May 19, 2017

Five On Friday - Vegetable Garden Bed 5/19 and Update

Update video of our front yard vegetable garden, old chicken coop, white garden and patio tomatoes.

small chicken coop

Emperor maple, white garden

purple petunias, happy Wednesday

patio tomato

The little chicken coop out back remains in the garden. I tried to give it to a couple people who wanted larger coops instead, so it sits as I think, cute garden art. It is 7 years old now so made pretty well for under $200.

My white garden, in the shade of the Emperor maple is starting to grow. I can't wait until it fills all in. I have always wanted a white garden but in our tiny backyard garden, we have to create smaller versions of garden rooms.

The petunias are doing well and have loved our rains this last week. Yes, we had rain in May.

Last year, I grew this patio tomato plant by just tucking into a large pot that already had flowers in it. Just remember to feed weekly. You can see it did wonderfully and produced a lot of cherry tomatoes I think due to the tomato fertilizer I use on my container tomatoes.

Yesterday I made a video update on the front yard garden bed. Watch it above and if you would like to follow us on Youtube you can go to our channel and hit subscribe on the right.
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  1. Thank you for the update on your garden. I love seeing how others incorporate their vegetables in with other plants. This is the 1st year that I can remember not having my garden planted by April. You are an encouragement and I'm going to plant tomatoes in pots and spread them around the garden. Patty Mc