Sunday, September 17, 2017

Easy Way To Cure Toenail Fungus

Not a post I ever wanted to write, but folks after one visit last spring to a nail salon for a pedicure, I got a funky toenail fungus. I am going to share how I got rid of my toenail fungus naturally.

Now, I had never had a toenail fungus ever in my life. I was not sure what I had at first but I will spare you the gross pictures out of my own sense of pride. Lol! At first the spot was at the base of my toenail and white in color and as it yellowed, I knew what it was. Gross! Summer was coming and I had a nasty fungus.

Here is how I got rid of the fungus quickly with one cheap natural essential oil.

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Naturally

  1. Get some topical tea tree oil. This stuff can be strong so be careful when using for the first time.
  2. Remove all nail polish and cut your toenails nice and short. Keep these clippers separate from your families' now as you do not want to spread the fungus.
  3. Once a day drop a couple of drops of the essential oil on the affected toenail and let it air dry.
  4. Do the application once a day until the fungus starts to turn green. Yuck, I know but that is the sign you are killing the toenail fungus. Tea tree oil is strong and will start to dry out your skin a bit so skip a day if you notice this.
  5. Keep nail trimmed and file off across the top of the nail with a buffer or the flat side of a nail file to start getting as much of the affected nail out of there.
  6. Once the fungus area starts to dry out just cut back the tea tree drops to twice a week and as the nail grows out cut back to once a week. Keep trimming and filing until the nail is restored.
  7. After a few months, my nail is like it was before but I still put a drop of the oil about twice a month. I will probably never go to a nail salon ever again. But I wanted to share so that others can cure it themselves at home.


  1. That's good to know! One thing I never do is get my nails done because my hands are always in solvents, so I can never keep my manicures looking nice longer than 24 hours. I rarely get pedis, maybe twice a year, but now you have me rethinking that!

  2. Thank you for this information. My hubby suffers from this, so I will pass it on.

  3. Handy to know thanks for the information.

  4. I had that happen to me once, and all I could think of was my poor uncle (who had been in the Korean war) whose toenails were so thick and gross. And I was like, no way am I going to live like that. I went to a podiatrist who gave me a bottle of medicine, it took a while but it worked. I learned from that to keep my feet dry, like religiously. Don't want that mess coming back! Glad you found a natural way to get rid of it, good for you!