Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Grow Tomatoes In Containers

With a small urban backyard, I have to be creative with growing areas so besides in the ground, or vertical I am also a fan of how to grow tomatoes in containers. Even in an apartment, if you had sun on a patio, you could grow a nice hanging pot of tomatoes.

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7 Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Containers

1. Pick a spot with at least six hours of sun.

2. Choose varieties that grow best in your area or for containers. I do cherry tomatoes as those don't need much support due to weight.

3. Choose the correct container. One large enough so that it doesn't dry out too fast and can support the root growth.

4. Use premium potting soil for vegetables. Tomatoes produce a lot so need a good soil.

5. Feed regularly. I mix in a slow release vegetable fertilizer as well as feed when I am watering using a liquid form. When plant is first starting out I use Miracle Grow but once buds set, I switch over to a blooming fertilizer. It this point I want lots of blooms and not lots of leaves. This is my all time favorite liquid bloom fertilizer and it will help your tomatoes set tons of fruit.

6. Water daily if your weather is dry. The tomato I have in the hanging basket with moss, I will water twice a day if hot or windy. If you wonder how often should I water my tomato plants in pots...everyday unless it is raining or you have standing water in a saucer below.

7. Trim off the lower branches and sucker shoots. You don't want a huge out of control plant that tips your container over. Focus on blooms and fruit. Growing tomato plants in pots and pruning is usually a must.

Here are some of my current tomatoes:

hanging tomato plant

cherry tomatoes in pots

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  1. Good to see your post this morning.

    I have my tomato starts ready, just need more pots! ;0D

  2. Would these tips work for the upside down tomato hanger? I'm dying to try that one. Thanks.