Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spring Garden Tour 2018

Come for a video tour of our spring garden for 2018.  When you have a small lot you have to cram a lot in a small space. I hope you can gather some small backyard garden ideas. With our daughter's wedding in a month, we are getting our yard ready for the rehearsal dinner.

southern California cottage garden

Southern California Cottage Garden

Lots of flowers and some edible gardening along with lots of pots and containers are my go to very small garden ideas. I am totally in love with this liquid flower fertilizer. It is amazing! My flowers are just bursting and I use it about every 10 days. You just use a cap full so it lasts a long time.


  1. What a gorgeous garden! I'll bet that's your slice of heaven on Earth. I love your lil' camper flag! Thanks for sharing. You gave me some great ideas on how to improve our plot.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You said, 'Just had our house painted'. Did you try painting it yourself or have it done? It looks paint spots on the ground. Just saw your instructions for home made fertilizer. Thank you. How do your hanging baskets fair in our hot southern Ca. summers?
    Your garden looks fantastic. Isn't our spring great this year?! Patty Mc

  3. Oh how lovely, Elaine! It must be wonderful to be able to garden all year long! Although I must say by the time November rolls around I'm kind of ready to take a break for a little while!