Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Garden Healing

I have been absent but what I have been doing is gardening. This year I am doing intensive gardening and I am working on a post about that right now but wanted to stop in and share why I have been absent. If you read my post on our dog, we had to put her to sleep two weeks ago and I have been recuperating from her illness, the stress and the sorrow through gardening.

Our main vegetable garden is in our front yard and I work in it everyday and harvest everyday. Some meals our entire veggie portions are from the garden and that gives me great satisfaction. I have needed a break from as many things that pull my attention to really get the yard in growing order and there is nothing I love more. It clears my head and is one of the great joys in my life. So check back as I will share soon the pics of my gorgeous productive intensive vegetable garden with you. Have a great day.

Friday, April 18, 2014

From the Farm Blog Hop and Happy Easter

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Happy Easter Weekend everyone!! We are hosting Easter dinner on Sunday so I have been busy with preparations. I hope you have a blessed weekend and there is no SNOW for your Easter.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So Long Sandy Dog

It has been a very rough four weeks. Our eleven year old dog Sandy had become ill, and I mean very ill, and no matter what we tried or the vet tried, it never relieved her issues. So last night, I had to take the old girl down and have her put to sleep. I am exhausted from cleaning up after her, being woke up several times a night cause she had to get out, and general worry about what the answer was for her.

Yesterday, when the vet suggested euthanization, I knew it was time. Time to let go. So she is gone and we are all a little sad. Thankfully Q took it well with the promise of another dog someday. The tears did not last too long. Today we have had lots of lying around and a big breakfast of French toast to lick our wounds, it seemed oddly quiet. The tension of the sick dog was gone.

I explained in this post what a handful this dog had been but she was a faithful guard dog and in the last year, my youngest's constant companion. I was so dreading that loss for her. I hope it will not be too big a loss. Instead of siblings, she always had her dog at her side willing to run around as long as needed. So long Sandy girl.
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