Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Best Breakfast Sandwich EVER

When we go camping, FOOD is of the highest priority. We always have what we think is the best breakfast sandwich ever, a Canadian bacon, cheddar, egg, croissant sandwich. But of course it can be made and enjoyed at home so I am sharing with you so you can liven up your morning and make your tummy happy too.
Egg, Canadian bacon, cheddar and croissant sandwich

I love breakfast sandwiches because you can combine anything breakfast appropriate and slap between some bread and have an easy to handle on the go sandwich.

Ham Cheddar and Egg on Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Recipe by Elaine Lewis @
  • eggs
  • Canadian bacon
  • cheddar cheese
  • croissants
Cooking Directions
  1. Butter your pan (a large skillet works perfectly) and fry your eggs hard. Season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, place your Canadian bacon on the skillet to let it heat and butter your croissant and place butter side down on the skillet to toast and brown up. When eggs are about done, place a slice of cheddar on to start to melt. Pull your croissant and then assemble your sandwich with egg/cheddar and ham. Enjoy!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

From the Farm Blog Hop, July 18

Welcome! Happy Friday. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Check out my "no poo" fave this week.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Safe Clean Handling of Backyard Chickens

How do you find a balance between a moderate germaphobe and the keeping and cuddling of backyard chickens? Clean handling measures of our chickens out back is a priority for me. I want us to be able to hold and handle our chickens, but I also want to keep the family and especially the little one who hangs out in the coop safe from the germs chickens can carry, namely salmonella.
Safe Clean Handling of Backyard Chickens
When it comes to holding the chickens, I will often take a look at their feet, chickens will step in poo and not care, but we do. We don't want our clothes and hands to be pooey but mostly what we do is hold them then wash up well and change our clothes when we come in. Some may say I am over cautious but it is worth it to me to safe guard my little one from picking up any bad germs. We keep a jar of hand soap by the back hose for quick clean ups but also wash when we come inside the house in the bathroom sink.
Keeping the coop clean is also a way to keep the poop traffic down. We have special shoes we only wear in the coop. I love sand on the coop and run floor because it helps the chicken poop to dry quickly. I use an old kitty litter scoop to pick up and remove chicken waste. I always wear gloves when doing any cleaning in the coop as well. I do not wash chicken waterers or feeders in my home either. I wash them outside and rinse with the hose.
sand on coop floor
Daily, I do check and make sure the nesting boxes are clean of any chicken poop. Usually they are clean but you can get some tracked in there by your chickens. As we collect eggs, if they are clean, we do not wash them as eggs are laid with a protective coating that seals eggs but if they are soiled at all we gently wipe them off with a damp paper towel and store in the refrigerator. 
Having a small flock I think is easier to clean up after I am sure, and especially necessary because I have a small urban backyard for chicken keeping. These are just safety measures we practice to safely house and keep chickens in a small urban setting. 

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