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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Patriotic Garden Ideas - Decorating The Old Coop

As the 4th of July approaches, we are getting our patriotic garden ideas out there and as usual we are decorating the old chicken coop in red,white and blue.

patriotic garden ideas, chicken coop
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When the chickens left, the coop stayed and we just use it as garden art. Planting flowers and filling an old chicken waterer planter with impatiens keeps with the theme of the coop.

red petunias, July 4th decorating ideas

Patriotic pinwheels and red petunias were perfect for the front of the coop.

July 4th garden ideas

 A patriotic garden flag  tucked among all the flowers wishes everyone a Happy July 4th.

July 4th flag, fuschia, chicken feeder planter

Watch the video tour of the 4th of July Chicken Coop. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Five On Monday - What's New In The Garden

Boy is summer here. Five on Monday with what's new in the garden....sunflowers, zinnias, the old coop and Tugg.

zinnias, growing zinnias

growing sunflowers, cutting sunflowers

chicken coop, patriotic garden decor

gardening tips, Youtube

Tugg, chiweenie

Oh the garden is full summer mode. I am picking little bouquets of zinnias all the time. The more you cut them, the more they will bloom. I have growing tips for great zinnias so check it out.

I still have our old coop even though the chickens are long gone. You can read why we don't have chickens any longer. The coop gets decorated for the 4th of July. I am making a video and post of it. We had so much fun playing with it and making it cute. Decorating the old coop makes it garden art I guess.

Our garden is giving us much surplus. We do have some critters fighting us for the goods though and that is so frustrating. I am making some videos of our urban garden. Find our gardening and other tips on our Youtube channel. You can see them and subscribe all right here.

Oh this dog. Tugg is one of the Chiweenies we adopted from the shelter. Someone once told me that Daschunds can be stubborn and I see some of that in her but she is the biggest character and so funny. Her personality is so funny. This is her preferred spot to sit when dad comes home as he scratches her back and spoils her. She knows she is his favorite. We always say it is a Tugg's Live...

Have a great week everyone...Last week of June. Where is the year going?
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Simple Saturdays Blog Link Party - 6/24


Welcome back to another week of the Simple Saturdays Blog Hop! We can not wait to see what you have been up to! 

Friday, June 23, 2017

How To Steam Eggs - Young Homemakers Series

My favorite way to hard boil eggs is also the easy way to steam eggs. I find this method makes it easier to peel fresher eggs which we all know can be tough. In this Young Homemaker Series, hard boiled eggs are a basic kitchen staple. Easy to make and an economical quick snack or meal.

hard boil eggs with steam, hard boiled eggs

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Unboxing of Norwex Cleaning Kit - Is It Worth The Money?

Have you heard of Norwex? I hadn't either until my friend invited me for a party to check it out and I was so impressed by what she had cleaned in her home. I am sharing my unboxing of my Norwex cleaning kit I ordered. I am pretty frugal so for me to spend on this kit shows I really like the products but I will review them all and share my results in case you are wondering if the Norwex cleaning products work and do what they really claim.

Let me know if you have tried and use the products. I am interested to know what you think and what is your favorite item.

cleaning house, blogger review, natural cleaning

My complete unboxing and thoughts are below in the video. Please subscribe you our Youtube channel to follow all of our videos.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Spring Garden Tour - Keeping Garden Alive In Hot Weather

We have had a beautiful spring but high heat and summer weather has arrived. Keeping the garden alive in hot temperatures is always a struggle.

chicken waterer garden, container gardening

Enjoy the last spring garden tour below and while you are there, follow us on Youtube.

Tips to Keep the Garden Going in Hot Weather

Plant plants that are for summer growing season. Things like pansies are going to fade quick in hot weather so I go around and pull spring plants as the hot weather arrives.

If you don't get rain, water daily if needed. Set sprinklers to run in morning hours before evaporation takes place.

For containers, I water in the morning and in very hot weather, I may give them an afternoon or evening drink as well. Move containers to more shade for heat waves if they are easily moved.

Mulch deeply. A two in layer of mulch can lower the surface temperature over 20 degrees and keeps moisture in the ground.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Simple Saturdays Blog Link Party

blog hop

Welcome back to another week of the Simple Saturdays Blog Hop! We can not wait to see what you have been up to!

This blog hop is brought to you by a group of co-hosts committed to the simple ways of life and learning to be more self reliant.  Simple Saturdays Blog Hop is a way for each of us to share the various ways we are learning to do more for ourselves in our homes and on our land. This is all about building community, learning new skills and growing more self-sufficient!

What Can I Post?

Anything and everything related to a more simple way of life or self reliance....
Homesteading, prepping, gardening, cooking/recipes/food, livestock of all varieties, off-grid, natural living, wellness/wholeness and healthcare, herbal, DIY and MYO.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Mini Fairy Garden, DIY Worm Composter, Small Front Yard Orchard - Garden Update June 9th

A little video tour of our front yard garden for June. See our Mini Fairy Garden, DIY Worm Composter, Small Front Yard Orchard and what is growing right now.

Here is the slow cooker peach cobbler recipe.
A miniature fairy house to start your own mini fairy garden.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

How We Keep Our Trailer Organized While Camping

I thought there was no better time, than in the middle of a camping trip, to share how we keep our trailer organized while camping. I filmed a little video that will show you where and how I keep things and is also an updated tour of our Forest River Trailer we have had for 11 years.

RV, camping hacks, RV hacks

Trailer Organization Ideas:

1. Daily, preferably in the morning, do a thorough pick up and wipe down. A clean trailer is a happy trailer. In such a small space everything needs to have a place.

2. Don't over pack. That is hard, trust me, I know, but take what you need an always keep thining your supplies out. Like in a home, if you haven't used it in a year or two, you might not need that as far as the interior items are concerned. Of course tools and trailer maintenance stuff should always be kept in good supply.

3. Use vertical and over the door space as much as you can. Command hooks are my key to keeping camping supplies up off the floor and organized in their place.

4. Find a place for dirty laundry. I use a pop up hamper and if we are at the beach and things are wet and sandy, I keep it outside next to the door. No wet or sandy things in the trailer and when you get home, all your laundry can be carried to the washer in one container.

5. Keep things together in one common place. We keep a large shoe basket that holds all of our shoes in one place. Clothes are kept in closets or drawers for hubby and I. Each child brings their own duffel for their clothes that stays on their bunk.

A few steps can help to keep your RV organized and make for a much easier and more enjoyable trip.

Video tour of our RV:

If you watch this video, you will see how and where I keep everything on our first trip out this summer. I am in the midst of converting an unused bunk, to a storage shelf to make camping even more organized.

Below are links to my favorite RV organizing must haves.

Expandable cabinet organizer:
Over the door hook:
Happy camper calendar:
Command Hooks:
Hanging tier wire basket:
Hanging wire basket:
Nina Soft Spin Dryer:

Visit all of our camping tips for more outdoor advice.
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Five On Friday - Camping News

We are back after a wonderful week of camping in the mountains in our little home away from home. Yes, you heard me. We did not sell our trailer. I am so happy to tell you all that. Camping is my favorite hobby/family activity. When our truck was totaled by another driver last year, I thought we would not be able to replace it but we decided to not give up our love of camping in our trailer. With the help of Colley Ford, and an awesome set of rebates and a great deal, we are set to camp again for a very long time.

So there she is. Our 11 year old Surveyor trailer is my favorite little place to be. She got all dolled up with a new awning just before we left for a week in our local mountains. We did something different where my hubby commuted down the hill to his office at the base of the mountains for several of the days. My youngest and I hit lots of sights and took a hike and had just the best time and in the evening, dad would pull in and we would have dinner and a campfire or watch a movie. So much fun.

I love my little trailer kitchen and found the cutest vintage towels to add to her. I am working on some upcoming RV TIPS posts for all of you. The are some of my most viewed posts on this blog. I will link to them below.

Hiking and doing some antiquing at a shop very near the campground is something we always do each trip. We have two more weeks scheduled up at our favorite mountain spot this summer so you will see more.

View all our camping and RV hacks and tips here: Camping tips.
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