Frugal Friday - Homemade Cleaning Supplies

Friday, February 27, 2015

This week has found me on my back. I have succumbed to the crud going around. I just have not felt this bad in a long time but life goes on and puppies and kids still need feeding and care.

Feeling crummy has kept me at home so that is frugal right? I need groceries badly so I hope to get out today and stock up or send one of my older girls.

Fortunately, I have had some freezer meals ready to go and that has saved me this week cause I have not felt well enough to cook much. Now I will have to restock my freezer meal supply. Freezer cooking is one of the best things I have ever done to keep my days under control and less stressful. I mean it. To know meals are in the freezer and I just have to pop in the oven and heat up a veggie is such a relief.

homemade cleaning supplies

You all know I love my homemade cleaners. I love how cheap they are to make but I also am sensitive to the chemicals in lots of commercial cleaning products.

I have been experimenting making my own foaming hand soap with castile soap. I no longer will buy hand soaps with triclosan in them and frankly I would like a lot less ingredients in my soaps. After checking on prices of more natural soaps, it was obvious making my own would be the most economical route. I love the simple fresh scent too. I will share soon how to make it.

I love to use my homemade alcohol and water cleaner to wipe down the bathrooms right now. I am trying to do this after hubby and I are in the bathrooms to keep from spreading the germs.

The garden is really coming along. I see tomato blossoms already but not sure they will set with cooler temps this week. We are eating lots of greens several times a week and fresh herbs for sauces and soups.

What frugal steps have you taken this week?

St. Patrick's Decor

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring is coming and that means green and in our house a little St. Patrick's Day decorating.

This year a mix of vintage green and red in the kitchen is what the hubby decided to do with our St. Patty's theme.

 He is sneaky. I just walked into the kitchen and he had put up our few pieces St. Patrick's kitsch.
I just shouted, "I love it!" across the house. He doesn't want my input but he sure likes the praise for a job well done. 

The little green basket I just picked up from Hobby Lobby and the red vintage egg carton was an amazing little find. Had to have it and it is in perfect condition.

Here is a glimpse to a past St. Patty's look.

Saying Goodbye To Elle Cottage

Monday, February 23, 2015

It has been an exhausting couple of weeks around here but especially for my husband and his parents. The time had come to sell their little cottage on the central coast and though we will all miss the place, things are changing for my inlaws and simplifying life had become very important.

So for two straight weekends, moving out took place because the little house sold so quickly and the new owner wanted occupancy in 21 days. But it is finally over. I am relieved for my husband, hoping he can get some much needed rest.

I did not go the last couple of weekends because our youngest was very sad to say goodbye to the house and with two little puppies, mom needed to stay home. When her toys from up north came home she was happy as a clam and played for hours with them.

Yesterday we moved furniture around to make room for some of the pieces from up north. I wanted to just wait but you know my hubby. If he can find a new surface to decorate, he is on it. Funny guy but I think it relaxes him.

So we say goodbye to Elle Cottage but we will not say goodbye to Cambria. We love it up there and already have plans to head up in October. I think I will enjoy just showing up, relaxing and leaving the place we stay for someone else to care for.

Rooster Decorations for Kitchen

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I love to decorate with anything rooster or chicken. My family calls me the crazy chicken lady. In almost all rooms of the house you will find bits of rooster decor items. 

I have always had lots of rooster decorations for kitchen vignettes. Chickens have been in my kitchen decor since the early 90s. Now it is just a part of who I am. 

Black, white, small, large and on tea pots. Many are given as gifts.

I think you decorate with what you love and then it will never go out of style for you personally. If you decorate with the trends than you will probably be bored with it eventually. If I tire of a certain chicken it just goes tucked away and comes out maybe in another year when the mister is doing his thing. He is afterall the main decorator.

By far one of my favorite finds were these rooster canisters I picked up on a trip with friends a few years ago. They are so cheery and will never go out of style to me.

Do you have a certain them in your kitchen that you love?

Simple Saturdays 2/21

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Join us for ideas on living a Simple Lifestyle and being Self Sufficient!

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