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Thursday, November 16, 2017

November Grocery Pantry Stock Up Prices

In this day of rising food prices, I am always looking to save. Every month I try to stock my deep pantry when I find rock bottom grocery prices. I like to keep a stockpile sale price list so I know when to stock up.

November grocery stock up shopping is the time to save on:

1. Baking supplies. From butter to flour and sugar, stock up now. Butter freezes well.

2. Snacks and party foods. Holiday gatherings spur the stores to use these foods as loss leaders.

3. Canned goods. If you live in a state that has case lot sales you may find better deals then but for the rest of us, November is the month to stockpile canned goods.

3. Soda and adult beverage ingredients. Again party season.

Check out our entire page of Frugal Tips.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving Home Decor Tour 2017

Join us for a Thanksgiving Home Tour 2017. I hope you enjoy this video tour of all of Dean's decorating for the Thanksgiving holiday. He puts lots of time and effort into his fall vignettes and does such a nice job that I always look forward to sharing with you.

 Enjoy... Happy Thanksgiving. Click the video below to see the tour...

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Musings And What is With All The Christmas Decorating?

Now I don't intend to cause any controversy but I am noticing more and more people already have their houses decorated for Christmas. Now this may make me a bad blogger but we do not and here is why....

gingerbread vignette, wood candy canes

This was a darling Christmas vignette at a local store. I snapped a pic and bought the candy canes for hubby to recreate as I already have the tree, candle and gingerbread boy. Isn't this sweet?

Thanksgiving kitchen, vintage colander

fall lighted tree, primitive Thanksgiving decorating

Why We Don't Decorate Early For Christmas

1. The plain and simple reason is my husband, as you know, does all the decorating and he refuses to rush any holiday. I suggested maybe just getting a few things up early this year because we are throwing a big party in December for his birthday, and he said no way. Enjoy each month and holiday at a time is his philosophy.

2. Putting up the decorations too early makes me tired of them by the time the holiday arrives. Anyone else like this?

3. I can easily get overwhelmed with all the Christmas decor hubby puts up so one month of it is all I can visually handle.

So there are the reasons and I am content to savor each holiday. My kids look forward to each holiday's decor coming out. But if you are an early decorator, and I know some folks have lots of trees that take tons of time, go ahead and enjoy and share cause we all love seeing your inspirational photos.
Let me know, are you an early holiday decorator?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

3 Of My Easy Go To Soup Recipes Using Leftovers

Frugal cooking is my thing and here are three great soups made from leftovers and the easy recipes to make them.

More frugal cooks in past generations could stretch a meal into many more. Leftover vegetables into a pot of soup the next day was a regular practice. There was no throwing good food in the trash. So turn leftovers into soup for an almost free meal. Here are 3 of my go to soup recipes from leftovers.

frugal cooking

Leftover Soup Recipes

Zesty Mexican Soup
Mexican soup, leftover taco meat soup

This is usually the soup I make with leftover taco meat and Spanish rice. 
creamy chicken and rice soup

potato cheese soup recipe

Potato cheese soup from leftover Thanksgiving potatoes is a tradition. This one if my favorite. My all time comfort food soup recipe.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween From Sunny Simple Life 2017

Happy Halloween from my home to yours. We went to a party Saturday night and I was a gothic witch and hubby was the dancing pumpkin meme guy.

We made these fun rice krispie treat monsters for the party. Came out so cute and easy too.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rice Krispie Treat Monsters

For Halloween these rice krispie treat monsters are perfect. An easy variation on rice krispie treats make these perfect for a Halloween dessert but also any kids party.

Rice krispie treats with eyes, Halloween desserts

The morning of our party I made up the rice krispie treats and then my husband and I later decorated them all up.

fall rice krispie treats, Happy Halloween bowl

Rice Krispie Treat Monsters

1. Make up a batch of rice krispie treats from the original recipe.

2. Pick up some Wilton melts in the colors of your choice. Orange, green and purple are perfect. Also, you will need a pack of the candy eye balls. I got all of mine at Walmart but you can order them too.

3. Once your rice krispie treats are prepared, cool them thoroughly. I pop in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Slice the treats in little rectangles.

4. Prepare several cookie sheets with wax paper. Get your Halloween sprinkles out.

5. Take your first color of melts and melt according to the package directions.

6. Start dipping and coating the ends with a rubber spatula. Place a pair of candy eyes and sprinkle the tops of the treats. Place on the cookie sheet. When you filled up a cookie sheet, slide it into the refrigerator to cool down and harden about 15 minutes.

7. Once fully set, arrange your spooky rice krispie treats in a fun Halloween container.

If you need a really quick fall treat idea, check our our three ingredient fall treat mix recipe.

fall snack mix, Chex snack mix
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Coffee Time Images of The Week

On our Facebook page we like to greet you with a good morning - coffee time greeting.
Mainly because this is probably my favorite time of the day. Here are some of images from our home.

fall pumpkin, vintage kitchen

rooster wax melter, red and white decor

vintage kitchen coffee cup

blue ball jar decor, fall kitchen tour

Monday, October 23, 2017

Halloween Vintage Kitchen Tour

Our house is very busy this year so I told hubby to keep Halloween decorating to a minimum and of course he never listens so I give you a Halloween vintage kitchen tour aka Dean's decorating for Halloween.

vintage kitchen shelf, farmhouse kitchen decor

This little area all started with the cotton picks my husband picked up at a local shop. He knew he wanted them for fall. He is so funny. He tweaked his fall decor until he came up with this and I love the blue ball jars with the red touches and a few splashes of orange and black.

cotton decor, blue ball jars, vintage kitchen

vintage kitchen tins

He decided for fall to pull one of my mom's recipe cards out of her recipe box. Of course I almost cried when I saw it. I love seeing that faded old piece of her with her hand writing in my kitchen. 

red rooster kitchen canisters, rolling pin recipe holder

Just a mix of tins and Halloween baubles and it all works together.

vintage kitchen collection, farmhouse fall decor

The little kitchen shelf is Halloween ready and of course in my kitchen he hangs "The Witch Is In" sign. I don't know if he is telling me something or not. Lol!

country kitchen decor

witch is in, Halloween vignette

Even the fall Pyrex got a Halloween touch. 

fall Pyrex

Here is my extent of the decorating...I turned the calendar to October.
You can find the barn star calendar hanger here.

wire calendar hanger, barn star calendar hanger, vintage kitchen clock

Here's a quick video:

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Primitive Fall Decorating Ideas - Crocks and Stacking Boxes - Fall Home Tour 2017

There are too many bits a things to show in one post so I will break down fall home tour 2017. Today I will share some Primitive Fall Decorating Ideas - Crocks and Stacking Boxes. As always all decorating is done by my husband so I should give him full credit.

hanging chair, fall sign, prim crow

I have had this little happy fall sign for years. Hubby has hung it on a crock stuffed with fall picks and his signature black crow. He loves prim black crows. 

country tin bucket, pumpkin decor

This farm scene metal bucket is new this year. I love how he piled a small collection of fall cuties to create a charming fall vignette.

sunflower wood sign, hanging crock, autumn sign

This fall corner is one of my favorites and as I took this shots at night, I love the punched tin prim star lamp and how it glows on the metal stars on the wall. Hubby is so funny. He tweaks all through the season moving things around until he is happy.

ghost light bulb

This little prim candle stick lamp is old but I found a ghost light bulb to dress it up for a Halloween vignette. You can find the bulb here.

stacking prim boxes, black crow decor

Stacking boxes are the hallmark of primitive decor and I always buy a set every year or two. I don't know why, but I love them.  Stay tuned, next I will share his fall kitchen decorating.
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Homemade Beer Batter Onion Rings

Whenever we go camping, we treat ourselves to some awesome homemade comfort food and a favorite is our homemade beer batter onion rings made with Bisquick. I rarely make fried foods but when we are camping and hiking, I feel like we can splurge.
camping food, comfort food, superbowl recipes