Garden Bounty-what to do with all those cucumbers

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
What to do with all those cucumbers you are harvesting. You could make pickles but here are some of our favorite recipes to use cucumbers.

I have cucumbers coming out of my ears. We have been picking 2-3 a day which is more than you can put in your average salad so here are the ways we eat them up.
Number one!! Cucumber sandwiches. My mother raised me on these and they are a real treat. You just need soft bread, usually white is best. Cover the bread with mayo and sliced cucumbers, salt and pepper and if you really want to be in heaven then add sliced avocado. My kids all like these and it saves the lunch meat.


Salads. Cucumber can be sliced with any kind of yummy veggie add some vinaigrette and you have a wonderful side dish. Usually we have it with tomatoes but this year we have hardly picked any tomatoes with our weather being so cool. It has been the oddest, cool summer I have ever had in my 43 years in So. Calif. I love it.  Anyone have any other ideas please let me know.

Love my messy kitchen? Just wanted to show even my youngest likes her cucumber sammie.


jackie said...

That sandwich looks like HEAVEN!!! Now I want cucumbers!

coupon challenged said...

Thanks Jackie for the comment. They are Heaven. You can add tomato too. I have been growing cukes for only a couple of years. Just put seeds in and let the plants wander.

Deborah McGrath said...

We've been picking cucumbers like mad also. I have a lovley crop of Apple Cucumbers. The Garden Fairy looooves cucumbers. Its her favourite salad vege. My workmates and family are also very appreciative. The crop will be finished soon as we will start to get some heavy frosts in March.

Love your blog and am definitely going to link it to mine.


acorn hollow said...

I have been having cucumber sandwiches just like that (with out avocado) just a little salt and pepper.

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