Monday, January 31, 2011

Old and New Again

This was one of my grandmother's aprons. I have two of them. She was born in 1898 and died in 1984. My aunt, a talented seamstress, made all of her aprons and I have always loved the colors of this one. It is in need of some repair from hanging and a good soak but I treasure it. Grandma always wore an apron and I wear one whenever I am in the kitchen. Sloppy cook.

Clearance Susan Branch calendar. Love her illustrations. My recent thrift store find. I needed a new bread box and snatched this one. I decided to paint it as it has some stains on top.

I used some leftover paint and distressed it a little. Not sure I like it so dark but for a $1.25 it is good enough and hold lots of bread and bagels in there.

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  1. It is so nice to have an apron that belonged to your Grandma! I have several that were my grandma's, as well and they are so special! Thanks for visiting and leaving sweet comments!

  2. Love the colors in that apron too. It's extra special because it was your grandma's. Your mossy patio is gorgeous. The moss just gives it a great patina. The boot planters are a wonderful idea. Wish there was something blooming here! Mimi

  3. Nice finds! That apron has probably helped cook many dinners with your grandmother!

  4. Love the bread box. I just use a basket...but I prefer yours...and I like the dark color, but then again...I would!!

  5. my gram always wore and apron. I too wear one when cooking or cleaning. I love what you did to the bread box good find

  6. What a pretty apron. I know it is very special to you, too! I think you scored on the new bread box. :D

  7. oooooh, Love love love the apron. I'm an apron fanatic!!! :) Greatness. I can't wait to see what you do with the breadbox. Awesome find!

  8. The bread box looks great. I would definitely have passed it by in the store... I need to start thinking more about the possibilities! Thanks for your comment today! Lx

  9. Beautiful apron! What a special thing to have.
    I'd bet your grandmother would be happy to know how much you love her apron :)
    Love the bread box, and I think it turned out terrific !
    Hope February shapes up to be a great month for you.

  10. My grandma always wore an apron, I never saw her without on. I wish I had one of hers. Your fortunate!

  11. It is really nice to have anything belonging to your grandmother. My daughter has a piece of depression glass that she got from her great-great grandmother through her great-grandfather. He thought it should go to the first child of the first grandchild... it is so special.

    These colors in the apron are so vivid and gorgeous. I would almost hate to wash it, except by hand.

    Ruby Rainbow

  12. Bread boxes! I didn't know they existed anymore!


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    Or is it puce or rose?
    Whatever’s going round my head
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    My heart, my dear, becomes inflamed
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    Your glowing, crimson gaze.

    Whate’er the cause, my face is flushed
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    See the vessels serry*?

    A certain sanguine aftertaste
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    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Lady in Red

  13. That apron is a true vintage filled with wonderful memories. I would hand wash it very genntly so it will not tear.

  14. That is so amazing that you have your Grandmothers, very special, good for you. Thanks for sharing!


  15. You must love wearing that your grandma was a great cook. I love the colors too!

    Hmmm...distressing an old breadbox is a good idea, maybe I will do that to mine. Yours looks great!

  16. I would never have painted over the chickens on the breadbox! That's what made it unique. Love the apron colors!

  17. I have many memories of both my grandmother and my mother wearing aprons around the house. I wish I had one that had belonged to my grandma. You are blessed to have one that belonged to yours - a bright and cheery one, at that. ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party this week. Hope to see you next week, as well.

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  18. I love your grandmother's apron, the colors are yummy. I like your breadbox makeover, too, the distressing looks very natural.