Monday, January 31, 2011

Work Boot Flower Pots, Container Gardening

Work boot flower pots.
These boots may be ready for the trash for some but for me these boots that were my husband's, represent a whole lot of what is good in my life. My husband works harder than any man I know. Now, before I offend anyone, I know there are lots of people out there working hard like doctors and our military guys,  but for me and the people I know, my husband works so hard for us. He is a lineman for our utility here and he works long, hard hours and many out of town. There is actually a poem called "The Lineman's Wife". In it there is a line about how when everyone else is getting ready for bed, safe in there homes, sheltered from the storm, our husbands our heading out on a call. It is so true. Mostly I guess this post is for him. I want him to know how much I appreciate him. So back to the boots. These are some old boots that were once owned but my father in law. When hubby needed some new boots he went and pulled these out and said he'd wait as he knew the kids needed things for school and then he waited again as he knew it was Christmas. Finally, after Christmas, watching him actually try to sew these up, I told him it was time for a new pair. So when the new ones arrived I could not toss these, so I told him, "Honey I will plant flowers in your boots" And I did.

Update: I showed my hubby this post and he responded in his usual manner. He didn't say anything but just looked at me like, "Uh what should I say to her....and then....thanks."


  1. I had a cousin who was a lineman for a few years. and it is very hard work. I love that you used them as a planter.

  2. Have you ever heard Glen Campbell's song "Lineman of the County?" It is a beautiful song. You will cry if you listen to it!
    This is a sweet post :D

  3. What a sweet post!
    It made me smile.