Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frugal Challenge Update - Free Is For Me

With rising costs for EVERYTHING, there is still nothing like getting something for free. While killing time waiting for my daughter I hit a couple stores for some freebies. Target was ho-hum this week but I did snag a free pair of toddler socks for my youngest. Right now has a coupon for $1 off of a Circo item and the basic socks are a dollar so they were free. Just scroll down on the site and the coupon link is on the left. If you are heading to Target, why not get some free socks for a little one.

Next, I hit the Albertson's across the road. I won't drive around for deals as gas is too expensive, but I plan trips to save fuel. This is where I scored the most freebies. My total for the items above was $5.40 with tax. I had coupons for every item but I paid $0 for the soda, 2 boxes of catfood and the half gallon of juice. The other items were reduced by coupons. Even the checker was surprised. My total before the coupons was over $15.  Again, I check several times a day for deals she has listed to request free coupons. That is how I got the juice coupon. A try me free deal. Just gave them my address and they send the coupon. There are so many sites out there but she is so on the ball and quick that she is my go to for deals. Yes, it does take a little of my time but I enjoy it and the thrill of the shop. I don't work any longer so I figure this is my job.


  1. I love the site you recommended and I want to thank you again for posting about Collin in her great sire. I have been enjoying her video series also. I have been trying to print coupons from and some other sites. Not all coupon sites are great and their printer software has to checked for viruses and spy ware. Nothing is simple anymore!Thanks again for your blog and letting me visit, Emelia.

  2. I need to visit I live off a major highway in the city, and between two intersecting highways. There are 42 banks between HWY 199 and I-459, and NO FULL SERVICE GROCERY STORES!!!! There is a Publix just south of 119, and there is a Target and a Fresh Market. So Publix has a monopoly in our area, and it has gotten outrageous to shop there!!! SO I usually buy as much as I can at Target using their in-store deals and coupons, and do the rest of my shopping at The Fresh Market. It is much cheaper doing this than shopping @ Publix!!!